Tubular Products Overview

SCOA’s Tubular Products business is comprised of three major business lines, namely Oil Country Tubular Goods (“OCTG”) operations including all distribution business and tubular manufacturing business, midstream and downstream business, and oilfield equipment business led by HOWCO.

With the expansion in shale gas and oil development and the use of horizontal drilling technology, the demand for small-diameter OCTG has increased sharply since 2007. Over the years, SCOA has met customer needs by expanding the value chain, taking steps into the manufacturing of pipes, investing in a major tubular products distributor, and acquiring an interest in an oilfield service equipment processor and manufacturer.

The Company’s Tubular Products business is driven by an extensive customer base centered on long-term agreements with a broad range of oil companies, from the majors to the small- and medium-sized independent companies. SCOA has a distribution network capable of just-in-time supply of high quality products, and a support system for smooth operations based on a proprietary IT system, including a well-established supply chain management system for oil and gas companies.

Combining trade and project management skills, SCOA's Tubular Products Group supplies a wide variety of high grade OCTG, OCTG accessories, line pipe, and specialty tubes to companies in the oil, gas, petrochemical, automobile, refining, and boiler manufacturing industries. Our expertise in both business and steel tubular technology makes us an attractive partner for companies seeking the most capable and reliable source of supply. Additionally, SC Global Tubular Solutions (SCGTS) provides consulting services, investing management, pipe accessories, and services for oil company customers.




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