Human Resources Development

Strategic and Well-planned Human Resources Development

Developing Global Leaders through On-the-Job Training

The Sumitomo Corporation Group values on-the-job training as the core of human resource development. We believe that our people become more capable and self-assured as they accumulate various experiences. Challenging job assignments and rotation are more important than off-the-job training to develop globally competent players. To have young people experience tough situations overseas, approximately 100 young employees are sent to regions worldwide at an early stage of their careers by our overseas training program every year.

Accelerating Human Resource Development through Off-the-Job Training

Each year, Sumisho Business College, which is a corporate university in the Sumitomo Corporation Group, offers 320 off-the-job training programs covering skill sets and knowledge. Among them, we give priority to enhancing individual capability by strengthening people's ability to innovate, originate alternatives, think logically, and ensure accountability.

In addition, we continuously provide long-term training program for selected employees to obtain the skill sets and knowledge to be required for management. Following such training, many participants go on to manage Sumitomo Corporation Group companies both in Japan and overseas. As well as in-house programs, we are strengthening human resource development through external training, such as an executive MBA program at overseas business schools.

Furthermore, we have been implementing a training program that involves visiting the Besshi Copper Mines, the starting point of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. The main objective of this training is to give employees an opportunity to experience and assimilate Sumitomo's Business Philosophy, the basis of the Group's Management Principles, and to ensure that the philosophy is passed on to younger employees. From fiscal 2017, the number of the training sessions and the scope of the trainees have been expanded to further instill the philosophy.

Visit to the Besshi Copper Mines
Sumisho Business College (SBC)


Sumitomo Corporation offers a wide variety of training programs to promote human resource development. Details of our FY2016 training programs are as follows.

Total number of participants: 11,868
Total training hours offered: 59,718 hours
Average training hours per employee: 11.6 hours

Training and Education

Support for overseas training through the Human Resources Development Fund

Overseas training programs to develop the person with global mindset required in the trading and business investment company

At Sumitomo Corporation, the Human Resources Development Fund established in fiscal 2010 helps promote strategic and well-planned HR development at each business unit and division by financially supporting the overseas training of trainees (including those who engage in language or MBA/law studies) or participating in the overseas short-term executive training program.

The Global Internship Program, one of the programs supported by the fund, focuses mainly on internships in emerging markets, to which only a few trainees were sent in the past. This program offers practical business experience to trainees, with a view to develop talented individuals with a global mindset and the ability to use the local language.

Training for Locally Hired Employees from Overseas Offices and Group Companies

Advancing Global Measures to Develop Human Resources

Aiming to recruit and develop personnel who can lead global business operations, the Sumitomo Corporation Group is focusing on promoting and developing locally hired employees in its overseas offices and Group companies.

As part of these efforts, we conduct training programs for locally hired employees at different career levels, such as senior staffs, managers, and senior executives. Through these training programs, nearly 300 participants each year come from all over the world to the Head Office in Tokyo. The programs establish a shared sense of the Sumitomo Corporation Group's corporate DNA and strengthen the sense of unity among employees as members of the Group by reaffirming participants' understanding of Sumitomo’s business philosophy and the Group's Management Principles. In addition, participants share information on the Group's management policies and strategies and improve their skills by attending various lectures.

In fiscal 2013, we reorganized our overseas offices into four broad regions. Under this system, we are promoting the development and utilization of local personnel by organizations in each region. Specific measures include the rotation of locally recruited personnel within each region and promoting personnel from overseas offices and Group companies to key positions. Furthermore, to promote global human resource development and utilization, the Head Office in Tokyo provides wide-ranging support to regional organizations in relation to such areas as recruitment and establishing training systems.

Training for locally hired employees from overseas offices and group companies

Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center

A training center to develop global talent as well as to be used as a strategic multipurpose facility

The Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center in Ginza, Tokyo serves as a training center to develop global talent as well as a strategic multipurpose facility. As a training center, it is used to further strengthen the development of a global and diverse talent. It also has a versatile multipurpose space, which is used for Head Office functions. International colleagues from different organizations and countries all over the world meet at this facility for intensive discussions on the future visions and strategies of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center