Supporting the Activities of the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia Business School

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas has been supporting to the Center as the lead corporate sponsor since its inception in 1986.

The Center on Japanese Economy and Business (CJEB), a major research organization at Columbia Business School, was established in 1986 to promote good relations between Japan and the United States as well as business and economic development in the two countries, with Professor Hugh Patrick serving as its director. With a faculty consisting of leading experts in a variety of fields, CJEB has long been implementing survey and research programs to address rapidly changing global situations and offering policy recommendations when requested. In addition, CJEB proactively hosts conferences and lectures by inviting renowned speakers, and provides opportunities for joint research on global economy. The Center also annually holds a conference in Tokyo.

Professor Hugh Patrick, founder of the CJEB (left) and Kuniharu Nakamura, President of Sumitomo Corporation at that time (right)

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas has continuously supported the activities of CJEB since its establishment as the lead corporate sponsor, and actively cooperates and participates in conferences and forums held by CJEB to provide unique insights and information acquired by the Sumitomo Corporation Group in the area of global business development.

Lecture by Timothy E. Sander, Corporate Administrative Officer of Sumitomo Corporation of Americas