Chemicals & Electronics

Our vision: “to further develop our European business network as a part of our global business operations”

Business Fields

Petrochemicals, including Plastics and Electronics
Inorganic & Functional Chemicals, including Interacid Trading SA (ITSA)
Life Sciences, including our subsidiaries Sumi Agro Europe (SAE) and Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe (SPE)

Business Unit Overview

The Chemicals & Electronics Unit has established a wide variety of roles and functions within the chemicals sector and we continue to develop a larger presence in the industry through our trade activities and investments.


The Petrochemicals Department covers
1) Chemical products from refineries, petrochemical complex, and coke ovens including C2, C3, C4, C5, Benzene, Styrene Monomer, Phenol Chain, Acetyl Chain, Methanol Derivatives, Melamine and other solvents,
2) Plastics for electric appliances and automobiles, and
3) Electronics business including EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) .
Our business activity is not only regional but also ‘tolling’ type sales, purchase and the movement of products from other regions to Europe. In addition, we are looking at investments.

Inorganic & Functional Chemicals

This department covers a variety of inorganic and functional chemicals for the aircraft; automobile; ceramics; electronics and oil and gas. By utilizing our European business platform and new technology sourcing capability, we continue to increase market presence especially in Automobile industry.

Our subsidiary, Interacid Trading S.A. (ITSA, located in Lausanne, Switzerland) concentrates on sulphur and sulphuric acid trading and distribution. ITSA plays the key role to procure the materials for its group companies, who own dedicated large tanks to manage supply-demand imbalances for our global suppliers and consumers. They operate the global business by utilising extensive trading networks with more than 200,000 tonnes of tank capacity in Chile and the United States.

In 2014 we became a minority shareholder in TouGas Oilfield Solutions. Established in 2012, their technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the consumption of fresh water in hydraulic fracturing under HPHT (High pressure High Temperature) conditions, which contribute to the leaner production cost structure.

Life Science

In SAE, we specialise in the development and distribution of technically advanced products including plant protection products, fertilisers and seeds. Our expanding European distribution network provides a powerful platform for product development, marketing and logistics in the agriculture sector. A Romanian company, Alcedo S.R.L, an integrated supplier of agricultural materials is an important investment by SAE. Alcedo’s direct activities with farmers show a lot of new business opportunities now. SAE also formed a strategic capital alliance with Sipcam S.p.A. a leading Italian distributor of plant protection products with a strong presence in Southern Europe. Combining our sales network in Western and Eastern Europe, SAE’s business territories are expanded. That gives SAE more competitive sourcing of plant protection products, seeds and fertiliser.

SPE is engaged in the trading of pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical active Ingredients (APIs) and final dosage forms like tablets including both at development and commercial stage. With extensive experiences in custom manufacturing and licensing opportunities, SPE’s specialists can meet the needs of all our customers, whether multinational or specialised pharmaceutical companies or biotech venture companies.

Chemicals and Electronics EBU, Life Science Dept. has a footprint in the pharmaceutical ingredients industry through Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe, an associate company of SCEU
Chemicals and Electronics EBU, Life Science Dept. has a footprint in the cosmetic ingredients industry through Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe, an associate company of SCEU

Subsidiaries, Associated Companies and Investments

Alcedo S.R.L

Alcedo is the largest distributor in Romania of agricultural materials.

Alcedo S.R.L

Interacid Trading SA

Interacid Trading operates a global trading and logistics business specialising in the supply of sulphur and sulphuric acid to the end customers through its group companies and exclusive agents.

Interacid Trading SA

Sumi Agro Europe Limited

Sumi Agro Europe currently operates a network of sales and distribution companies and branch offices established at a national level in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. These companies specialize in the development and distribution of technically advanced products, including plant protection products, specialty fertilizers and seeds, helping farmers to protect their crops against damage caused by weeds, pests and disease.

Sumi Agro Europe Limited

Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe specialise in the sourcing and supply of pharmaceutical raw materials, key intermediates, active ingredients (APIs) and formulations.

Summit Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

TouGas Oilfield Solutions GmbH

TouGas Oilfield Solutions is a rapidly growing technology company which develops and commercialises chemical technologies and associated services for the oil and gas industry.

TouGas Oilfield Solutions GmbH