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Outside Director

Kimie Iwata

1971 April Joined the Ministry of Labour (currently Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
1996 July Deputy Director-General, Human Resource Development Bureau, Ministry of Labor
1998 October
Assistant Minister of Labor for International Affairs
2001 January Director-General of Equal Employment, Children and Families Bureau (retired in August 2003)
2004 June Director, Corporate Officer, Shiseido Company, Limited
2007 January Member, Council for Gender Equality, the Cabinet Office
April Director, Corporate Executive Officer, Shiseido Company, Limited
2008 April Director and Vice President, Shiseido Company, Limited
June Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Shiseido Company, Limited
2012 March Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
April Director, Shiseido Company, Limited
June Adviser, Shiseido Company, Limited (Retired in June 2016)
July Outside Director, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Retired in June 2018)
President, Japan Institute for Women's Empowerment & Diversity Management (Retired in June 2018)
2013 September Commissioner, the Consumer Commission, the Cabinet Office
2015 October Audit and Inspection Commissioner, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (present position)
2016 March Outside Director, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (Retired in March 2019)
April Outside Director, Stripe International Inc. (Retired in April 2019)
2018 June Outside Director, Sumitomo Corporation (present position)
2019 June Outside Director, Resona Holdings, Inc. (present position)
Outside Director, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (present position)

(As of June 23, 2023)

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