Human Resources Development

Basic Human Resources Development Principles

For the Sumitomo Corporation Group, human resources are the most important managerial resource. The Global Human Resources Management Policy established in 2020 describes that the “ideal individual” as “a person who is creating new value on a global scale, sharing SC Group’s vision and mission, and maintaining high aspirations and a continuous intrinsic motivation with Enterprising Spirit”. The most important thing to achieve this is the individuals enhance abilities those are effective in globally. And this abilities refer “expertise”, and “professionalism”. To develop a group of top-tier professions with this expertise and professionalism, OFF-JT makes it possible to engage in more advanced work by “generalizing and conceptualizing” experiences through “introspection and reflection” on work successes and failures and by acquiring skills and knowledge necessary for work.

Sumisho Business College (SBC)

As Sumisho Business College (SBC), we organize around 300 courses of OFF-JT training a year and that offers individuals various types of programs to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be active in each field. In addition, we believe human resources development based on individual career perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, and issues is important, and therefore, we focus on career development training to ensure that as many people as possible can work with high motivation and comprehensively demonstrate their professionalism. Moreover, there are training programs those enhances people management skills and promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE & I) so that supervisors can address and motivate team members and unite diverse human resources to link organizational and individual growth. We also offer Long-Term Programs for Selected Employees that allows employees to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for business management. Many of those completing the program have been playing a leading role in managing associated companies in Japan and abroad. In our efforts to enhance the development of human resources, we make effective use of external high level training programs, such as overseas executive programs, in addition to in-house training programs.

Sumisho Business College (SBC): Training Programs and OJT Programs

Sumisho Business College (SBC): Training Programs and OJT Programs

~FY 2022 SBC Training Data~

Total number of participants

Number of participants by major program (including participants from Group companies)

<Reference:FY 2022 Entire Sumitomo Corporation Training Data>

  SBC Training Training Conducted by Business Units(excluding SBC Training) Total
Number of sessions(per year) 329 sessions 1,376 sessions 1,705 sessions
Total number of participants(non - consolidated) 22,901 people 69,545 people 92,446 people
Total training hours(non - consolidated) 80,933 hours 96,387 hours 177,320 hours
Average number of training courses taken per employee(non - consolidated) 4.5 sessions 13.7 sessions 18.2 sessions
Hours of training per employee(non - consolidated) 16.0 hours 19.0 hours 35.0 hours

Long-term programs for selected employees in Business Leader Development

Long-term programs for selected employees are positioned as a place to develop management personnel and for acquisition of the skills for self-directed learning and practical leadership that can be difficult to obtain through short-term programs. Participants in each program are selected from among those who are demonstrating their abilities at the forefront of business and those who are expected to take on leadership roles in the future. These Long-term programs contribute develop the foster of top-tier professionals to be active in various fields.

Sumitomo Executive Program (8 months)

This workshop targets general manager and assistant general manager class personnel who are expected to hold executive positions in the future of Sumitomo Corporation Group and seek companywide managerial perspectives. Participants acquire the broad perspectives, thinking, and attitudes required of management by participating in extensive dialogues and discussions with senior management・external experts. Coaching will be conducted with the aim of establishing aspirations and principles as an executive leader, and will provide an opportunity to reflect on one's life, consider what one should do as a leader in the future, and connect this to action.

MIRAI Creator Program (7 months)

This program is designed for managers who are expected to lead businesses in the future to establish their own leadership philosophy and acquire the knowledge and skills to hone their business conceptualization and strategy building skills necessary to create business models that generate sustainable income. In addition to classroom lectures, field trips are conducted as an opportunity to think about social issues, and through dialogue with leaders who face the challenge of solving social issues, the program provides an opportunity to think deeply about one's own values and the nature of leadership. Approximately 25 participants will attend a total of about 20 lectures over a period of about 7 months, after which they will give an internal presentation on the theme of "Drawing a Headquarters Strategy for the Next 10 Years from the General Managers of Business Unit perspective.

PX (Personal Transformation) Program (8 months)

This is a new program created in 2021 for non-managerial personnel. The 11-session program, conducted over 8 months, is intended to be aware of personal and company strengths and its issues for more growth through dialogue with business leaders from the same age and people in different industries. Moreover, this program encourage personal transformation by completing the processes of new business creation (strategy formulation and execution), and participants acquire abilities as professional human resources capable working outside the company.

Executive Programs

Department and division managers who are potential candidates for executive management positions in their respective organizations are sent to executive programs at domestic and overseas business schools at the company’s expense.
At least 30 employees participate in the domestic program with a focus on business schools in Japan, and for the overseas program, about 5 employees per year are sent to leading overseas business schools with the objectives of fostering awareness and thinking as a future executive, acquiring comprehensive management knowledge and executive decision-making capabilities, and growing through interactions with other personnel and executives.

Elective Programs

More than 80 different selective programs are available, covering comprehensive knowledge and skills, from basic to advanced levels, that will be needed to play a leading role as an executive who can contribute to society through business. After completing the Introductory Seminars and the Basic Seminars where employees can acquire the basic skills and general knowledge (standard skills and knowledge) required to work for an integrated trading company, employees can choose any of the programs where they can learn about knowledge and skills required for them to do their work.
Courses for literacy, various expertise, theories and frameworks to be a managerial are open to all employees and they can take any course regardless of direct relation to their department. We have established an environment that supports employees who are constantly learning from the training aspect.

Global Human Resources Development Program

SBC implements this program to help participants acquire the basic knowledge and skills needed for cross-cultural communication, leadership and personnel management, which are essential for expatriate staff of an integrated trading company. SBC also implements three types of OJT programs as important capacity-building tools, and at least 100 young career-track employees are dispatched overseas annually through these programs.

Global Human Resource Development Program (OJT)

Level-Specific Programs

At the time of promotion, we arrange training programs that offers understanding to the internal rules and literacy necessary for conducting business. From new employee to senior management, participants in the training will understand what is expected of them and what roles they should fulfill, thereby acquiring tips on how to transform themselves. We offer Level-Specific Programs for the entire Sumitomo Corporation Group. Through the program participation, they build a rich network within the Sumitomo Corporation Group. In these programs, emphasis is placed on fostering leadership that can contribute to society through business, and programs that enable participants to gain awareness for independent personal growth are provided.

New Employee Development Structure・Instrutor System / New Employee Supporter System

The Instructor System and Newcomer Supporter System are important initial training programs to develop new employees into full-fledged working members of society and Sumitomo Corporation employee.

Instructor System

We provide on-the-job training to help new employees start their first experience as a working member of society smoothly (explanation of job duties and basic behavior as a working member of society), comprehensive education, values to have as a Sumitomo Corporation employee, and the transmission of the organization's work culture, etc. to foster a mindset that will be the foundation for growth as a Sumitomo Corporation employee.

New Employee Supporter System

In FY 2022, we introduced the New Employee Supporter System with the aim of supporting new employees in their working environment. The newcomer supporter is a senior employee who stands a little apart from the new employee and provides support and training through periodic one-on-one interviews. We aim to develop human resources throughout the organization in cooperation with supervisors and instructors.

  Instructor New Employee Supporter
Requirement P1 (AP possible)
Term 1 year

※Supervisor, as "Promoter," provide guidance from a higher perspective and create an organization-wide environment to guide and develop new employee.

Workplace-wide Human Resources Development System Workplace-wide Human Resources Development System

Programs for Sumitomo Corporation Group companies within and outside Japan

The Sumitomo Corporation Group also attributes importance to human resources development at Group companies in and outside Japan. We make use of the development know-how gained at Sumitomo Corporation to provide Group companies with training programs suitable for them. These programs also provide participants with opportunities for interpersonal exchange and to build great networks.

Development program for locally hired employees

Overseas National Staff Training

We provide national staff of our overseas bases and Group companies with level-specific training in English, with a view to helping them achieve growth. We invite locally hired employees from across the world to the Head Office in Tokyo to speak to them about the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s philosophy and strategies and help them acquire business skills such as cross-cultural leadership. Through this training they can develop a sense of unity and improve their skills as members of the Group.
※FY 2020~2022 conducted online

Long-term programs to develop selected employees of Group companies into managerial talent

School for developing strategic professionals (9 months)

Targeting Sumitomo Corporation Group employees who are expected to become managers and future leaders of the company, we implement a leadership program in which participants acquire the skills necessary to set visions and strategies from a long-term perspective and hone the leadership abilities they will need to implement the strategies.


Development program for employees of domestic Group companies

Level-specific programs for Sumitomo Corporation Group companies

For Group companies in Japan, we provide a range of programs for new employees, mid-level employees, senior managers and clerical employees to help them acquire the leadership mindset and skills required for their respective positions and make progress for further improvement.

Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center

A training center to develop global talent as well as to be used as a strategic multipurpose facility

The Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center in Ginza, Tokyo serves as a training center to develop global talent. As a training center, it is used to further strengthen the development of a global and diverse talent. It also has a versatile multipurpose space, which is used for Head Office functions. International colleagues from different organizations and countries all over the world meet at this facility for intensive discussions on the future visions and strategies of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD CenterSumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center
A seminar room on the 3rd floor A seminar room on the 3rd floor A dining hall on the 4th floor A dining hall on the 4th floor

The Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center in Ginza, Tokyo serves as a training center to develop global talent as well as a strategic multipurpose facility. As a training center, it is used to further strengthen the development of a global and diverse talent. It also has a versatile multipurpose space, which is used for Head Office functions. International colleagues from different organizations and countries all over the world meet at this facility for intensive discussions on the future visions and strategies of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

A seminar room on the 3rd floor A seminar room on the 3rd floor
A dining hall on the 4th floor A dining hall on the 4th floor

Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center Sumitomo Corporation Global HRD Center