Development of Global Talent

Advancing global measures to develop human resources

Aiming to recruit and develop personnel who can lead global business operations, the Sumitomo Corporation Group is focusing on promoting and developing locally hired employees at its overseas offices and Group companies.

As part of these efforts, we conduct training programs for locally hired employees at different career levels, including staff engaged in practical operations, managers and executives. Through these training programs, nearly 300 participants each year come from all over the world to the Head Office in Tokyo.

The programs establish a shared sense of the Sumitomo Corporation Group’s corporate DNA and strengthen the sense of unity among employees as members of the Group by reaffirming participants’ understanding of Sumitomo’s business philosophy and the Group’s Management Policies. In addition, participants share information on the Group’s management policies and strategies and improve their skills by attending various lectures.

For details of the level-specific training programs, please refer to the “Development Program for Locally Hired Employees.”

GLP (※1)
(For executives)
MDP (※2)
(For managers)
IOT (※3)
(For staff engaged in practical operations)
Total number of participants
2012 41 110 131 288
2013 32 130 79 247
2014 33 106 97 242
2015 33 101 105
2016 30
2017 31
2018 32
2019 49
2020 32
(MDP and IOT joint-program) 54
86 (※4)
2021 0 52 50 102 (※4)
2022 16
(MDP and IOT joint-program) 38
  1. GLP=Global Leadership Program
  2. MDP=Management Development Program
  3. IOT=Inter Office Training
  4. Program held online in 2020 to 2022

Global utilization of human resources

The Sumitomo Corporation Group globally fosters the appropriate assignment of human resources on a consolidated basis, regardless of their nationality and affiliation within the Group. Based on this policy, locally hired employees and members of Group companies are transferred within the Group across countries and Group companies. Moreover, the Group proactively promotes locally hired employees to the heads of bases outside Japan for the appropriate assignment of human resources on a globally consolidated basis.

グローバルに活躍する人材 海外拠点

As of November 2023