Support for Senior Employees’ Activities

We strive to improve the working environment to help employees in each age group to work with vigor, supporting autonomous career development and continuous learning regardless of age, with the aim of maximizing their potential.

Under the new human resources system introduced in April 2021 and the new reemployment system introduced in April 2022, we uphold “Pay for Job, Pay for Performance” as our basic concept, encouraging older employees with accumulated experience and expertise to leverage their unique strengths and demonstrate more of their abilities going forward. Sumitomo Corporation will continue to help enhance their employability and expand opportunities for them to play active roles, both inside and outside the company, specifically by assigning them to the right positions which they can utilize their individual strengths and enthusiasm as well as by providing them with continuous relearning opportunities throughout their career.

Career Development Programs and Career Design Seminars

Sumitomo Corporation gives career development programs and holds career design seminars for employees aged 45 and older. Through these programs and seminars, employees look back on their career and are provided with an opportunity to obtain information useful to making plans for their future career and life and making new findings in a manner that will enable them to further develop themselves and demonstrate more of their abilities.

Since FY2022, in addition to older employees, we also provide employees in their early 30s and 40s with age-specific career training, encouraging them to make an early start to autonomously design their career for the future.

Career Assessment Interviews

Every year, employees aged 45 and older are provided with an opportunity to talk with their direct superiors and consult with them about their post-retirement career and life plans. Through this system we support them in choosing flexible post-retirement work styles according to their individual needs.

Moreover, in the interview, employees aged 58 and 59 are briefed on the assumptions about their post-retirement assignment and treatment. The interview thus provides the employees and the company with an opportunity to make adjustments about their mutual expectations.

Giving support to employees searching for next career paths

Sumitomo Corporation has an organization devoted to helping employees aged 50 and older search for their next career paths within the Human Resources Dept. This organization offers career counseling service to the subject employees, including providing them with a matching service for transfers inside the Company, supporting them in changing their career paths outside the Company, and giving useful information as they plan for their next careers.

We have appointed a re-employment support agency to help employees who like to change their career paths outside the Company, including finding a new job and starting a business. The agency’s professional counselors work closely with these employees to support their next careers by providing various services tailored to their specific needs.