Recruitment Policy

As a company that engages in global business, Sumitomo Corporation requires human resources who have high aspirations and qualities that can play an active role in the world. Our basic policy is to conduct fair and impartial recruitment based only on the aptitude and abilities of applicants, regardless of nationality, gender, disabilities, race, region, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The business environment surrounding us is changing rapidly. In order to survive the competition in this age of tremendous changes, we need to take on the challenge of doing business in new fields while expanding and advancing our existing businesses. To realize this, it is essential to build a portfolio of human resources with abundant vitality and diversity. Therefore, we recruit not only new graduates but also mid-careers who have great expertise and knowledge from outside the company.

Our mid-career hires have different backgrounds and include lawyers, public accountants and those with other qualifications as well as those who have experience in the manufacturing, financial, media, IT and other industries. They are making use of the expertise they have gained in their respective fields for the benefit of our company. We, Sumitomo Corporation, expect these employees who have diverse backgrounds, to revitalize the company with their ways of thinking, work methods, out-of-box ideas and different viewpoints and help us enhance our competitive strength.

Number of newly hired employees by gender

( Unit: persons )

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
New graduates (*1) 162 209 154 106 101 100
Male 104 118 102 75 72 63
Female 58 91 52 31 29 37
Mid-career (*1) 36 35 27 20 75
Male 30 27 24 14 47
Female 6 8 3 6 28
Ratio of mid-career employees (*2) 18% 14% 15% 16% 43%
(*1) Including medical employees
(*2) Ratio of mid-career employees to regular employees hired in each fiscal year
* Updated on February 15, 2024