CSO Message

Hirokazu Higashino

Representative Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chief Strategy Officer
Chairperson of the Corporate Sustainability Committee

The spirit of sustainability management has been passed down for 400 years at the Sumitomo Group.

We aim to realize a sustainable society by connecting that spirit to the future together with our employees who are putting it into practice every day.

“Benefit for self and others, private and public interests are one and the same” is a phrase that is used to express Sumitomo's Business Philosophy, which has been passed down over roughly 400 years. To put it another way, Sumitomo's business, while benefiting Sumitomo, must also benefit the nation and benefit society. This philosophy is the source of the Sumitomo Corporation Group's sustainability management and has long been placed at the core of its business activities.

  • Monjuin Shiigaki (Founder's Precepts), a written work forming the foundation of Sumitomo's Business Philosophy (Source: Sumitomo Historical Archives)

  • Business Principles handed down as the basic points of Sumitomo's Business Philosophy

To further enhance our sustainability management, we have identified six key social issues consisting of two themes: “development and evolution of the society” and “sustainability of the society” back in 2020. We have also set medium- and long-term goals for each key social issue that lay out specific action plans and are implementing initiatives to achieve them.

In March 2023, we also established the Sustainability Advisory Board, which consists of external experts, to further accelerate our initiatives. Through various dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, we will pursue growth strategies that benefit both our Company and society, thereby committing ourselves to promoting sustainability management.

In ESG Communication Book 2023 (ESG Stories), we highlight employees who strive to realize a sustainable society through their daily work. Through interviews, our employees who are working on the front lines of the Group's diverse businesses tell their stories of how each of them are tackling social issues and working with business partners and stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth of society and our Company.

I hope you enjoy this publication and please look forward to our further growth in the future.