Activities to Introduce Japanese Culture

Contributing to local communities by introducing traditional Japanese culture in areas where our overseas businesses are located

Sumitomo Corporation is engaged in activities to introduce traditional Japanese culture to overseas local communities where it does business. It helps its overseas businesses to establish favorable relationships respective local people.

From 2015 to the present, we have visited Myanmar, Ghana, Iran, Mexico, Cuba and the UAE to introduce Japanese culture. Our employees travelled to these countries to give demonstrations on how to do with a kimono, calligraphy and flower arrangement, and to offer hands-on workshops. They enjoyed interacting with a large number of participants through the program.

Demonstrating how to wear a kimono in Cuba

Participants experiencing traditional Japanese culture for the first time watch enthusiastically with a gleam in their eyes. The hands-on workshop is always so popular that it attracts queues of people waiting to have their turn. An employee who has long engaged in this activity remarked, “In every country I’ve visited, people showed keen interest in Japanese culture. I was impressed to see participants enjoying themselves at the events we hosted, which made me believe in the importance of the program.”

Origami workshop in UAE