Response to Environmental Pollution

Basic Concept

Sumitomo Corporation Groups business covers a wide range of areas around the world. As described in the Environmental Policy, the Group complies with environment-related laws and regulations and contributes to creating a recycling society. We consider it important not only to comply with laws, ordinances and standards to prevent pollution caused by waste water, sludge, exhaust and other wastes but also to reduce environmental impact through waste reduction, reuse and recycling in order to achieve a sustainable society. We will continue to address relevant issues through our business activities.


Using digital technology to reduce environmental impact in tubular products business

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of reducing environmental impact, the oil and gas industry has been urgently required to respond to climate change and environmental pollution, led by oil majors such as the UK's BP p.l.c. and British-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell. In response to this trend, suppliers of materials and equipment to these energy development companies need to show concrete measures to address environmental issues.

The tubular products we deal in are mainly for the oil and gas development industry. The annual trading volume of these products reaches around several hundred thousand tons. We have developed a new platform exclusively for transmission steel pipes (line pipes), which comprise the majority of our tubular products. The platform is tentatively named “SC Digital Platform.” It is designed to centrally manage a huge amount of data related to the process from pipe manufacturing and coating to onsite construction, and we have successfully put it into practical use in a pipeline project for the first time in the world.

Through this initiative, we will visualize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at each stage of the supply chain, from pipe manufacturing to the completion of pipeline laying, and implement a real-time anomaly detection system during pipeline operation to reduce the risk of environmental pollution. In addition to minimization, we hope to contribute to improving worker safety by building a traceability system by applying non-contact tags.

In the oil and gas development industry, many companies still adhere to using conventional data management methods. In these circumstances, our advanced effort has been highly regarded by customers and suppliers. We are also cooperating with affiliated companies to apply them to more pipeline projects.

Remarkable improvement in the safety of workers through the introduction of non-contact tags
Construction site of a land pipeline
SC Digital Platform