Supporting the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra

Promoting the activities since 1992, with the hope for healthy development of the youth

Since 1992, Sumitomo Corporation has been a major supporter of the Junior Philharmonic Orchestra. This youth orchestra consists of approximately 80 young musicians between the ages of 10 and 22 years, founded in Tokyo in 1972 by the late composer Setsuo Tsukahara, who advocated his hope of contributing to the growth of the next generation through the orchestra. Known for his valuable efforts over many years to promote classical music, the late Naozumi Yamamoto conducted performances with the orchestra. It has performed in Japan and throughout the world, including America, Europe and China, and, over the years, has become a truly advanced group of musicians, receiving high critical acclaim. Many professional musicians serve as mentors for the orchestra in support of its activities.

As a means to support the JPO, Sumitomo Corporation also holds the Sumitomo Corporation Young Symphony Concert several times a year, thereby giving more performance opportunities to members of the orchestra. Performing with professional musicians on the same stage gives a precious opportunity for the members to show the results of their daily hard work.

String quartet at the Young Symphony
Rehearsal before Performances