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About SC Foods

SC Foods is a group of food professionals proudly supplying safe, secure and high quality food products. We develop and trade livestock and food products from around the world. Our activity includes product development, production site selection, procurement, manufacturing management, and coordination of logistics and distribution. 

We define our core competence as the following: “commitment to food safety and security”, “enthusiasm to product development”, “global network of Sumitomo Corporation”, and “integration of food supply chain”. We interactively connect consumers and producers to propose to our customers new ways of processing, delivering and presentation of food.

Our product lineup ranges from Turkish processed vegetables to Italian fruit juice, Peruvian seafood to American beef and pork. As an exclusive supply agency of Iowa Premium in Japan, we import black angus Iowa Premium Beef to a wide range of customers from mass retailers to restaurants. We also import Australian rice to meet the growing demand of the Japanese retail sector.

In December 2018, SC Foods established Kawasaki Shiohama Process Center in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The domestic market for primary processed meat is expected to expand amid chronic manpower shortages in the Japanese labor market. This facility is equipped with the latest high-speed automatic meat processing and marination lines, that are rigorously controlled for food safety. The Center is designed to operate 365 days a year meeting demands for timely chilled and frozen processed meat for the retailers and food services in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Iowa Premium Beef is one of our products
Kawasaki Shiohama Process Center. The third floor is occupied by Summit, the second floor by SC Foods, and the first floor is shared by the two companies.

Safe and secure Silky Pork®

Silky Pork® is a new brand of pork introduced in 2010. Chester White, the fourth breed, is added to the three breeds of pig that is the traditional American pork production. Silky Pork® is tender and juicy with cherry-blossom-pink colored flesh, notable marbling and a soft and subtly sweet fat layer.

We have developed a special feed mixture that contains a balance of amino acids to produce sweet-tasting lard and meat. Our designated farm in Goldsboro in North Carolina strictly adheres to Japanese standards of pork production and management. Our traceability system identifies when and where the product was processed. Freshness of the product is maintained throughout the supply chain by utilizing our own transportation system.

Sales have been steadily growing since 2010. The main buyers of Silky Pork® are mass market retailers, convenience stores, restaurant chains, and home meal replacement companies.

We believe new value has been provided to consumers in Japan with our delicious, safe and secure Silky Pork®.

Yongenton Silky Pork, a pork brand developed with the use of cutting-edge technology

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