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Enriching lives and the world

Sumitomo Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on December 24th, 2019.
In this milestone year, we created a new Corporate Message that conveys the determination and enthusiasm of the Sumitomo Corporation Group. This message is the result of discussions among several of our group members from around the world over the past two years. We looked back at our history over the past 100 years in which our company has advanced together with society, and we looked toward the next 100 years and the achievements yet to come.

The message also represents the group's unwavering pledge to further enrich the world, society, and people's lives through sound business activities.

Our determination conveyed
by the Corporate Message

Enriching lives and the world

We have become who we are today
by evolving with the times in unison with people and society.

We never pursue easy gains. Integrity and strong unity are
cherished principles from which we work to create value for society.

As we face a fast-changing world, we look toward the future with renewed anticipation
and reflect on the meaning of our mission.

To engage, commit and contribute.
To overcome challenges and come out ever stronger.
To cultivate the seeds of opportunity, bridge possibilities and create a better tomorrow.

We know that the passions of each individual create our indelible values.
But we also acknowledge that the power of many is far greater than the effort of one.

So we are united in all our will and determination.

We represent different regions, diverse cultures, and all walks of life.
Yet we know that the strength of unity begins with respect.
With this as our foundation, we aim to create a world never seen before.

Passion. Determination. Values.
These ideas we share universally together to achieve prosperity and realize dreams for all.

This is our enduring promise.

Sumitomo Corporation

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