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Sumitomo Corporation Africa has its head office in Johannesburg, South Africa, which is the regional operational hub for covering 6 offices in Sub-Saharan Africa. Experience and expertise of our Africa team ensures effective and seamless region-wide interaction. Our business in Sub-Saharan Africa is conducted in an organic way to promote optimal collaboration between regional offices on the one hand and the group headquarters in Tokyo and overseas colleagues on the other while making the most of Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Integrated Corporate Strength as well as extensive global network.

Sumitomo Corporation Africa

Johannesburg Head Office

Sumitomo Corporation Africa Head Office is situated at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, the heart of South African financial and business centre. Johannesburg Office functions as a hub for all operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and covers the most comprehensive range of services, products and projects. The experience and expertise of the Johannesburg team ensures effective and seamless region-wide interaction.

In line with Sumitomo Corporation’s mission and values, a strong focus is placed on the coordination and development of the organization’s human capital, its most valuable resource. This is to create maximum value on a daily basis to serve as the strategic solution provider of choice, with unmatched excellence in Africa and the world.

Tadao Saida
Managing Director

Address 3rd Floor, South Tower, Nelson Mandela Square, Cnr Maude & 5th Street Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
(P.O. Box 2253, Parklands 2121 Johannesburg, South Africa)
Telephone +27-11-784-9120
Fax +27-11-784-9122

Sumitomo Corporation

Nairobi Liaison Office

Kenya is an important contributor in East Africa. With a strategically placed major port of Mombasa, well developed financial markets and a skilled work force, it is one of the most progressive countries in Sub Sahara Africa.

Kenya with five other countries; Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan form a regional intergovernmental organization called the East African Community (EAC), which aims to enhance cooperation among the partner states in political, economic and social fields for their mutual benefit.

Nairobi Liaison Representative Office was established in 1969, it is the regional hub for Sumitomo Corporation in East and Central Africa. Our role is to connect the increasing demand in the East African market with the supply of most appropriate commodities via our Global Network.

We are involved in multi-faceted business activities such as automotive, steel products, agrochemicals, construction equipment, geothermal power development and business in innovative technology. We take pride in closely working with our business partners enriching lives in Kenya and its neighboring countries.

Hasnein Gulamhussein
General Manager

Address 2nd Floor, West Wing, 9 Riverside Building, Riverside Drive, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
(P.O. Box 41097-00100, Nairobi, Kenya)
Telephone +254-20-4447110
Fax +254-20-4447112

Dar es Salaam Liaison Office

Tanzania has enjoyed a long period of political stability which has enabled the country to undergo impressive political and economic development and improve social welfare. In recent years, the country’s focus has centered on curbing corruption and developing infrastructures to attract foreign direct investment. Tanzania’s lucrative natural resources remain largely unexploited. Its greatest potential lies in significant natural gas deposits, vast agricultural land and rare earth metals and minerals in quantities estimated to be some of the largest and rarest in the region. Sumitomo Corporation’s re-entry into Tanzania in late 2012 was a timely move given the opportunity in a largely unexploited power sector. The company has been well positioned, completing a 240MW natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant EPC (construction) in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam and seeking for next contribution in power infrastructure for the Government of Tanzania. The company is also looking at the upstream and downstream natural gas and oil sector to supply premium tubular products and accessories to international oil companies. Having such solid footprints, Sumitomo Corporation will keep focusing on sustainable development and social needs of Tanzania.

Tomoyuki Kuroda
General Manager

Address 7th Floor, IT Plaza, Ohio Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
(P.O.Box 1291, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
Telephone +255-22-2136930
Fax +255-22-2136821

Antananarivo Liaison Office

Madagascar, a big island in the Indian Ocean with around 26.3 million people, is renowned for its rich biodiversity. This beautiful island nation is of high strategic importance to Sumitomo Corporation as we are engaged in and committed to the Ambatovy project, one of the world’s largest nickel extraction projects as well as the biggest investment of Sumitomo in Sub-Saharan Africa. We at Antananarivo Office take pride in providing vital support to the Ambatovy project, which embodies our commitment to the vision of sustainable and inclusive development; conservation of biodiversity, infrastructure development, community support, skills transfer and human resource development.

In addition to the Ambatovy project, Sumitomo Corporation is also active in pursuing diverse trade businesses in Madagascar while capitalizing on our extensive global network and integrated corporate strength. Areas we currently focus on include metal, machinery, chemical and food products. With its average population growth rate ranking among the highest in Africa at 2.67%, Madagascar offers various opportunities for us to work and grow together in order to turn their unlimited potential into a tangible reality.

Nobuyuki Ariyama
General Manager

Address Lot No.30, Ivandry Business Center, 3ème étage, Antananarivo, Madagascar
(B.P. 3367, Antananarivo, Madagascar)
Telephone +261-20-22-494-05
Fax +261-20-22-494-02

Accra Liaison Office

In 2011, Sumitomo Corporation officially selected Accra, Ghana as its base of operation for business incubation in West Africa. This exciting part of Africa is enriched with a dynamic mix of five English-, nine French- and two Portuguese-speaking countries. With over 300 million inhabitants, rich mineral resources and a very promising agricultural sector, West Africa is experiencing rapid economic growth, driving its middle-class consumers to ever-improved lives. Now, in 2020, and with only seven years of experience, our Accra Liaison Office finds itself built on a strong foundation with excellent local partners. Our combined efforts have begun to move into new, exciting stages, with projects including power generation and international trade in OCTG, steel sheets, wire rods, automobile, machinery, and other various products. In Accra, we continue to reinforce our business relations in countries like Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire, and are completely committed to playing an increasingly important role as we expand into new frontiers in Central Africa as well as West Africa.

Masafumi Tanimoto
General Manager

Address Silver Star Tower, 8th Floor, DTD 166 CT, Airport City, Accra, Ghana
Telephone +233-30-2760-411
Fax +233-30-2760-525

Maputo Liaison Office

Sumitomo Corporation had an office in the capital city, Maputo, for more than 15 years up until 2003. The main businesses then were automobile, construction machinery and infrastructure projects (roads and bridges). In April 2014, we re-opened this office. Through our tenacious business development efforts, in February 2016, we succeeded in entering into a contract with a Mozambican public electricity company (EDM) to construct a gas combined cycle power plant, which is financed by JICA. The electrification rate of Mozambique is still low at around 25%, however, the demand for electricity is growing at around 10% per year. To meet the growing demand, many power plant projects are in the pipeline for the next decade. The growth of the country highly depends on the development of off-shore natural gas and the export of coals from Tete Province. Once the shipment of LNG starts, it is said that GDP of the country will grow more than 10-15% and we are aiming to develop business apart from power plants, such as agricultural related business and oil & gas related business, which will contribute to this growth. As a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Africa team, we are excited to contribute by expanding Inter-Africa business through Mozambique.

Kenji Yamaki
General Manager

Address Edificio Millennium Park, 12 Andar, Av.Vladimir Lenine 174, Maputo, Mozambique
Telephone +258-21-360-465