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A century worth of history, built on trust since 1919.


Foundation of Osaka North Harbour


Sumitomo Corporation was originally founded as The Osaka North Harbour Company Limited (later renamed Sumitomo Real Estate Building Company Limited ) in December 1919. It engaged in real estate management, conducting land reclamation in the Hokko (North Port of Osaka) and development of the surrounding areas.


Advanced into Trading Business


The company was renamed Nippon Engineering Company Limited in November 1945, and advanced into trading business. Then, the company was renamed Sumitomo Shoji Kaisha Limited in June 1952.


Establishment of foundation as a ”Integrated General Trading Company”


In 1970 the company’s Tokyo Branch Office was renamed the Tokyo Head Office, establishing a dual head office structure with one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka. Along with the expansion of trading activities, the number of the overseas offices exceeded 100.

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