Apr. 01, 2024

Entrance Ceremony in 2024

On April 1st, 2024, we had an entrance ceremony for new employees. They got the celebratory message from Shingo Ueno, the President and CEO, and their letter of appointment.

Ueno, the President and CEO, mentioned the business environment, and that we find ourselves amidst these three trends:

A globally historic turning point.
The rapid development and penetration of digital technology.
The arrival of an era where sustainability is much valued.

He stated how to take advantage of the opportunities within these major trends.

  • Seizing opportunities.
    “There are various opportunities within our company—opportunities to showcase your abilities, to venture into new fields, to face challenges. These opportunities aren't something to wait for; they're something to grab hold of. You all are the protagonists. By valuing your desires and proactively taking actions, I expect you to seize you own opportunities.”
  • Enjoying opportunities.
    “While working, it is not uncommon to find yourself in situations that are different from your anticipations or expectations, or even worse, face negative situations. At times like these, it's essential to approach them with a mindset of enjoying it. Doing so will inevitably reveal the path you must take.”
  • Maximizing opportunities.
    “The environment around us is complex, rapidly changing, and difficult to predict. I encourage you to view these circumstances as chances to create new value and, furthermore, to maximize that value.”

To seize, enjoy, maximize them, he referred to three weapons at their disposal:

  1. Sumitomo Corporation’s mission statement, rooted in over 400 years of Sumitomo’s Business Philosophy. I believe you all will learn from now on, but this guideline will provide guidance when in doubt or facing adversity.
  2. Sumitomo's organizational culture which fosters an environment where individuals from different departments can freely and openly exchange opinions on a global basis.
  3. Each and every one of the new employees, who are equipped with a strong digital proficiency cultivated as part of their daily lives. New ideas and perspectives are very welcomed.

After the message, the new employees got their letter of appointment from each group CEO they belong to.

During the commemorative photo session, the group CEO and new employees exchanged words and occasionally smiled at each other, creating a calm atmosphere throughout the event.

Also at the venue, a climbing performance was given by Ai Mori, a sport climber sponsored by Sumitomo Corporation. Watching the climbing performance on wall set up at the venue, the new employees seemed to be surprised and impressed, which made them think of their own future overcoming high and difficult obstacles.

The ceremony was simultaneously broadcasted to the families of the new employees and all executives and employees, so that everyone could join in celebrating the new employees' big day.

The President and CEO, Ueno giving a message to the new employees
The President and CEO, an Group CEO and the new employees to be assigned to the company
Climbing performance by Ai Mori
Poster showing the aspirations of each new employee
An invitation to the induction ceremony with a message from the recruiting team to each individual
(Message: You have not only the management ability from your club activity, but also your vitality. We are looking forward to seeing you in action with making use of your abilities!)

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