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Sumitomo Corporation Group's Business

Collaborating our global network and business foundation as well as various superior functions,
we create new values by transcending existing frameworks as a way to help solve social issues.

Global Cases

Six Business Fields

Metal Products

We contribute to the development of local communities and industries with our global value chains for various metal products including iron steel, forged and casted products such as steel sheets, tubular products and railway products.

We cover a wide-range of metal products, from steel products such as steel sheets, tubular products to railway products, those of which are used in various fields and support our lifestyles. These fields include transport vehicles such as automobiles, ships, aircraft and trains; home appliances and office equipment; and oil/natural gas production, transportation, geothermal and wind-power generation infrastructure. In the automotive industry, we are responding to the trend toward body weight reduction and the shift toward electric vehicles through material supply which is intended to make a contribution to the building of an environmentally sustainable society. In addition to the stability of high-quality products supply, we have recently engaged to realize carbon-free society through provision of products and services which enables CO2 emission to be reduced in the field of energy.

Transportation &
Construction Systems

Through our transportation and construction system businesses, as well as our lease and finance businesses, we implement structural transformation aimed at the realization of the sustainable society, and we contribute towards the creation of new value and the building of new social infrastructure.

In the fields of lease, ship & aerospace, we are developing our ship business, aerospace business and top-class aircraft and engine leasing services. We also aim to evolve our solutions further by introducing our integrated strengths to our group finance & lease company. In the automotive field, with our wide-ranging perspective on the value chains in the automotive and motorbike industries, we are using our global manufacturing, sales and logistics businesses, together with our financial services business, as the base for realizing innovation in the area of next-generation mobility services. In the field of construction and mining equipment, we contribute to the development of various types of infrastructure, and to mining innovation, by providing high-quality customer service (including first-class product support) through our distributors, and by developing our equipment rental business worldwide.
Through effective use of advanced technology, we are also working to strengthen existing business areas and aiming to expand into new business areas.


Providing global infrastructure that meets the needs of each country, region and society, we contribute to the building of a society where people can live in harmony with the global environment and to the development of local communities and industries across the world.

In the social infrastructure field, we focus on electricity retail in Japan, water infrastructure, transportation, airport, container terminal and smart city businesses. In the global power infrastructure field, we are engaged in large-scale I(W)PP*1 and power plant EPC*2 businesses, as well as next-generation electric power business development. In the logistics & insurance fields, in addition to integrated logistics business, various logistics and insurance support for entire Sumitomo Corporation group, we develop and operate overseas industrial parks. We also focus on developing environmentally-friendly infrastructure to realize a sustainable society, promoting renewable energy generation by ways of wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

*1 I(W)PP: Independent (Water and) Power Producer
*2 EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Media & Digital

By providing superior products and services in the fields of media, digital business and smart communications platform, we contribute to comfortable and enriching lifestyles and diverse accessibility.

For our media business, we have reinforced our revenue base by supporting the continued growth of J:COM, Japan’s largest cable TV operator, and Jupiter Shop Channel, a TV shopping company. We also continue to make our efforts to enhance our promising 5G* related businesses and digital media related businesses. In digital business field, we have concentrated our digital talent at the DX Center and accelerate our digital transformation, closely collaborating with our IT service company, SCSK. We globally invest in start-up companies to take in their new advanced technologies and promote our digital innovation. In the smart communications platform field, we build a foundation for the smart society through expanding our business of T-Gaia, a mobile phone distribution company, and telecommunications business as well as value-added services in Myanmar and Ethiopia.

*5G: 5th Generation Mobile Communication System

Living Related &
Real Estate

In the fields of retail, food, healthcare, construction material and real estate, we help achieve harmony with the global environment, and ensure comfortable and enriching lifestyles, with conducting environmentally friendly businesses and providing superior products and services.

In the retail field we manage a variety of retail businesses to meet diverse consumer needs, such as supermarket. In the food field, we aim to expand our fresh & processed food business, mainly on fruits, vegetables and meat, and also aim to develop stable business foundations for food raw material business such as grains, oils and sweeteners. In the healthcare field we will ramp up our healthcare-related businesses such as drugstore chains, managed care business. In the construction material & real estate field, we focus on our core businesses in Japan including sales of construction materials such as cement, office buildings, retail facilities, residences, Build-to-Suit business (order made development), logistics facilities and real estate fund business, while actively seeking to develop overseas real estate business mainly in the US and Asian region.

Mineral Resources, Energy,
Chemical & Electronics

We contribute to the sustainable and prosperous growth of industries and communities across the world by providing a stable supply of mineral resources, energy, chemical and electronics in an environmentally conscious manner.

We support a wide-range of customers by securing mineral, oil and gas resources and creating new business opportunities by leveraging our trading businesses, derivative functions and global value chains. In the basic chemicals and electronics fields, we serve our customers’ evolving needs with competitive trading and manufacturing. In the field of life sciences, we use our advanced expertise and promote global businesses to help ensure happy and comfortable living.

Creation of Next-Generation Businesses

Energy Innovation

By establishing sustainable energy cycle and achieving decarbonization, we contribute towards the realization of a sustainable society.

Focusing on three key areas while adopting a wide-ranging perspective that oversees the entire energy value chain, we create next-generation businesses that will contribute to realize a carbon-neutral society from a customer-focused perspective.
In the area of Developing Carbon-Free Energy, we are developing hydrogen and ammonium businesses, etc. In the Expanding Power & Energy Services area, we implement measures to develop the large-scale storage batteries business and the power energy platform business, while in the CO2 Capture, Storage and Utilization area, we take up the challenge of creating environmental value through the forestry business, etc.