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About Sumitomo Corporation Group

We aim to be a global organization that constantly stays a step ahead in dealing with change,
creates new value, and contributes broadly to society.

About Sumitomo Corporation Group

At a Glance

Number of Offices

Countries and Regions
Domestic: 20Overseas :108
Number of OfficesNumber of Offices

Number of Group Employees

Number of Group EmployeesNumber of Group Employees

Number of Group Companies

Number of Group CompaniesNumber of Group Companies

Shareholder's Equity *1

US$ 29.2 billion
Shareholder's EquityShareholder's Equity

Net Income *2

US$  4.2 billion
Consolidated Net IncomeConsolidated Net Income

Corporate Evaluation

Fortune Global 500*29 years

Sumitomo Corporation is ranked in the Fortune Global 500, an annual list complied and published by US Fortune magazine, for 29 years, as one of the global companies leading the world's development.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) * As of September 30, 2023
The US Dollar amounts represent translations of Japanese Yen amounts at the rate of ¥149=US$1.
*1 equity attributable to owners of the parent. *2 attributable to owners of the parent. Results for FY2022

Business Activities

Metal Products

US$  7.8 billion

Transportation & Construction Systems

US$ 15.2 billion


US$  10.2 billion

Total AssetsUS$ 70.3 billion
Metal Products
Transportation & Construction Systems
Media & Digital
Living Related & Real Estate
Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics
* The total is not necessarily 100% as the ratio is rounded to the nearest hundredth of a percent.

Media & Digital

US$ 7.5 billion

Living Related & Real Estate

US$ 12.4 billion

Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics

US$ 17.1 billion

* As of September 30, 2023
* Excluding corporate and eliminations
The US Dollar amounts represent translations of Japanese Yen amounts at the rate of ¥149=US$1.


A century worth of history, built on trust since 1919.


Foundation of Osaka North Harbour


Sumitomo Corporation was originally founded as The Osaka North Harbour Company Limited (later renamed Sumitomo Real Estate Building Company Limited ) in December 1919. It engaged in real estate management, conducting land reclamation in the Hokko (North Port of Osaka) and development of the surrounding areas.


Advanced into Trading Business


The company was renamed Nippon Engineering Company Limited in November 1945, and advanced into trading business. Then, the company was renamed Sumitomo Shoji Kaisha Limited in June 1952.


Establishment of foundation as a ”Integrated General Trading Company”


In 1970 the company’s Tokyo Branch Office was renamed the Tokyo Head Office, establishing a dual head office structure with one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka. Along with the expansion of trading activities, the number of the overseas offices exceeded 100.

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