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Social contribution activity program 100SEED

Quality education for all
~Diverse educational support by Sumitomo Corporation Thailand~

100SEED is a social contribution activity program aimed at solving educational challenges facing each region around the world.

We interviewed members of Sumitomo Corporation Thailand, which promotes 3 projects, BUTTON UP, POWER UP, and LIGHT UP, to provide diverse educational support.


Ms. Kanitha Thiansing / Ms. Pallapa Wartcheeranon / Ms. Chalida Yodkansee

Ms. Kanitha Thiansing (left)

SCTL* 100SEED Committee Advisor (FY2021 - FY2022)

Ms. Pallapa Wartcheeranon (center)

SCTL 100SEED Committee Advisor (FY2021 - FY2022)

Ms. Chalida Yodkansee(right)

SCTL 100SEED member and Volunteer

* Sumitomo Corporation Thailand


The reason we work on these projects
Educational Challenges in Thailand

There are two major educational issues in Thailand: First, the government's educational support is concentrated in large urban schools, while small schools lack infrastructure and teaching materials, resulting in an educational disparity. Second, the content of classes is not linked to real life and society, and students are concerned what they have learned will be applicable in the real world. As a result, the performance of students in Thailand is still lower than the global average.

To address these issues, Sumitomo Corporation Thailand (SCTL) has established the 100SEED Committee, which has launched three projects. We are also working closely with our partners to understand the local needs.

Thailand PISA 2018 Global Ranking


3 projects to improve education from various perspectives

We are engaged in the 3 projects to improve education from broad perspectives: improving the educational environment in schools, providing university students with essential skills to become quality members of society, and developing teachers‘ teaching skills. Through these activities, we support more than 2,000 students and teachers annually, and we believe that these projects contribute to the development of society. The LIGHT UP project, which aims to cultivate teachers' skills, plays a particularly significant role as the program enables their ability to mentor more students each year.

Aims to improve the learning environment by providing equipment to local elementary schools.

Offers seminars and workshops for second through forth year university students to improve their understanding of business and bridge the gap between student life and working life after graduation.

Provides teachers with teaching methods to help children develop communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills that suit 21st century skills.

Results of activities
Results of activities

Going forward

Expanding our activities to areas in need of educational support

Each of the 3 projects has its own wish and origin: BUTTON UP is to properly button up the first button (i.e., to improve the educational environment for primary schools), so they could smoothly button the rest of the buttons (i.e., the educational process thereafter will run successfully). POWER UP is to provide university students with skills, knowledge, mindset, and better understanding of real working life to empower them to become the seeds of the future. And through the LIGHT UP program, we want to focus on training teachers who light up the future of students.

We will continue to engage in these 100SEED activities and educational development initiatives. If possible, we would like to expand our activities to other provinces where support is especially needed to improve educational disparities. We also hope to expand the scope of students so that we can reach more students and schools to have greater impact to society.

We are engaged in our activities with a sense of social significance and pride

We believe that Sumitomo Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation Thailand are part of the local community. Therefore, Sumitomo Corporation Thailand is engaged in the activities with a sense of pride that it is playing a key role in fostering the next generation who will later become part of our company and business partners and contribute to the development of the country.

The activities have been enthusiastically supported and endorsed by many school principals and teachers, and after 2 years of activities, our programs have become well-known in Ang Thong province, which is the focus area of LIGHT UP and BUTTON UP. POWER UP was introduced in the universities annual meeting held by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, as a meaningful and effective program for university students preparing to become working professionals. It has shown a greater success than we expected.

Seeing actual positive impact on society

By participating in these programs, I am proud to be a part of an organization that actively contributes to the development of society, especially in the field of education in Thailand. Working with various departments and other companies to identify and analyze educational issues has been a great opportunity to learn and improve my critical thinking, analytical skills, creativity, and teamwork management. I also believe that these acquired skills can be applied to my work and help me grow and develop as a person. I also feel that through this activity, I am more motivated, satisfied, and engaged in my work because I can see how my work can have a positive impact on society.

Messages from participants

A student who participated in BUTTON UP

I'm thankful that members from SCTL came and did many things for the school, especially improving things that were lost or broken and making them better. Thank you.

A teacher who participated in LIGHT UP

This is a very good program because I get to learn new teaching techniques. My students look forward to seeing what I will bring to the next class.

A three-day training program for teachers as part of the LIGHT UP project


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