Light Up ー "Teacher Development for the Next Generations”

May, 2021

SC Thailand arranged teaching development program and mentor for 30 persons of mathematic teachers in expanded schools in AngThong province. After the training, there will be practice and evaluation from their peers for further improvement as well.

What is “Light Up”

Sustainable quality education should start from teachers. The goals are to let student enjoy studying Mathematic and understand the reason why they have to learn it. What is Mathematic linkage with their daily life? We collaborate with Kenan Foundation, who have long experience to design teaching skill for STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and make teachers realized how to draw attention from the students in classes such as using variety of color on the whiteboard, keep significant memo on the board, learning by doing. These teachers will improve learning skills for 900 students in the future.

Using basic tools to teach

“Learning by doing” will keep into their memory longer

Thai’s students are used to with sitting and listening, to let students get clear picture of the subject, we suggested teacher using basic equipment, which they can find easily, to be tools in the classroom.

We learn together with the teacher

The world’s future is up to these small seeds, which will grow up and improve the world. This program let our staffs realized how the young generation being taught and which skill that we need to give them the improvement. Understanding each other background will let every generation create innovative together.

In 2021, we plan to deliver advance Mathematic classes to the same cluster of teachers. With the repeated training, it will teacher understand intention of teaching improvement more.

SCTL provided teaching equipment that can be used in classrooms.

Schools visited in FY2020