Power Up – “Bridging the gap and increasing readiness for working life”

At SC Thailand, “Power Up” provides seminars and workshops for university students to prepare their mindsets and skills for a career path.

What is “Power Up?”

We believe that people are the most valuable resource, and this is particularly true for the young people who will lead the next generation, because they will be the main driving force in creating a better future for society. Therefore, we want to empower Thai university students to become the seeds of the future by providing them with skills, knowledge, mindsets, and better understandings of real working life.

Preparing students' skills for future challenges

Guest speaker emphasizes necessary skills for the 21st century era

In FY2021, we hosted an online seminar and an online workshop with the goal of providing students with useful life experience for future careers despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We provided the skills necessary for growth-orientated mindsets in the era of disruption, as well as for having a clear picture of themselves as a member of society and understanding what they need to prepare for. We were overwhelmed by the high level of student interest during registration, and more than 300 Thai university students from all over the country participated virtually.

Hands-on experience with SCTL staff members

During the exclusive workshop, students enhanced their experience and gained a better understanding of each function within the organization through conversations with our staff members, thereby realizing the perspectives of real working life. In exchange, the staff members gained insight into the attitudes and perspectives of the next generation who will be tomorrow’s workforce.

The students engage in an interactive discussion with an SCTL staff member

Seminar and Workshop in FY2021

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