Button Up – “Make the 1st button correctly, for sustainable future”

May, 2021

SC Thailand supports the improvement of education for primary students at upcountry schools in focus area for 2 schools a year.
Educators at every level are facing various difficulties. SC Thailand has started three projects which are designed to match their needs with the necessary development tools to provide more sustainable education.
The Button-up project is aimed at primary school students who need basic facilities to maintain a healthy body and mind at school. Power Up project is designed to deepen students’ understanding of business, and bridge the gap between student life and working life after graduating from their universities. Light Up project aims to train teachers to prepare students to survive changes in the 21st century. 

What is “Button Up Project”

We foresee there are many remoted schools have insufficient facilities to accelerate student's ability. Some schools even no proper drinking water, sport equipment and teaching materials. We would like to help improving school’s environment today, which will pursue students to come to school and love the school as their 2nd home. Eventually, they will come back to develop the school themselves in the future. Passing the good thing they have learnt to their juniors to Enriching Lives and The World.

Learning before getting

We arrange 8 learning bases for students, each activity have its own purpose to improve students’ 21st century skills such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration. We set rewards of each base, once they could finish the task, we announced that the school will get reward from their effort. Making them proud to help improving the school.

“Design and build a chair from given tools”,
the reward from this base is Science equipment.
“Learning basic medicine usage” the reward from this base is nursing room

Collaboration happen within our company

Not only the students who learn communication and collaboration, SC Thailand (SCTL) staff members also have collaboration to prepare small gifts to the students. During COVID-19 pandemic, we prepare mask holder for 350 students. The gift is also link to one of the study base, which related to hygienic and how to choose suitable medicine for the simple sickness symptom that we arranged at the school.
For this project we plan to conduct activities for 2 schools yearly.

SCTL staff members preparing gifts to the students
Small gifts from SCTL’s collaboration and good heart

Schools visited in FY2020