What is 100SEED?

100SEED is a global social contribution activity program that celebrates the 2019 centennial of Sumitomo Corporation’s founding.
Based on the theme of “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) Goal 4, “Quality Education,” Sumitomo Corporation Group employees have been conducting activities to solve the social issues faced by local communities in their respective regions.
By promoting 100SEED, we encourage our colleagues around the world to create opportunities as well as leverage our diverse capabilities and resources so that we can engage in activities that will dynamically achieve our goal of “Enriching lives and the world.”

Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.

Mission Statement for 100SEED

To share the same vision while working on the educational issues of each region around the world, we have complied the Mission Statement for 100SEED, which expresses the significance of our activities.

Enhancing Sustainability
Management and 100SEED

Sumitomo Corporation Group has launched an initiative to further enhance sustainability management for sustainable growth with society. As well as clearly defining our role in helping to resolve social issues, this represents a strengthening of our commitment to realizing  a sustainable society.

The very first story

100SEED started on the occasion of the centennial of the company’s founding, born from an employee’s idea: “Let’s think about what the Sumitomo Corporation Group and our society should be like 100 years from now!”