Pro Bono Support for NPOs addressing educational issues

May, 2021

We support enhancing the management base of NPOs who work on educational issues, by utilizing our skills and experience gained through the work and providing solutions, ultimately to promote “Quality Education”.

What is Pro Bono?

Pro Bono refers to activities where people provide skills and experience gained through their work as volunteer to help solve social issues. We have various educational issues in Japan, and for solving those, cooperation among various sectors is indispensable, such as among government, educational institutions, local communities, NPOs, families and even private companies. NPOs, especially, take an important role to include everyone. Sumitomo Corporation started Pro Bono to support educational NPOs to strengthen their operational base so as to accelerate the "Quality Education".

Listening to NPOs for their needs

A group of 4-5 employees from various departments work together as a team for Pro Bono. Listening to the needs and having conversation with NPO, a Pro Bono team will first deepen their knowledge and understandings on the educational issues that the NPO is tackling and the operational issues of its own. Then the team will identify the tasks and goal for Pro Bono, and provide a proposed solution at the end.

  • Communications (PR strategies, Website/SNS, Brochures)
  • Operational Improvements (Operational Flow Design, Manuals)
  • Project Strategies (Project Planning, Marketing Survey & Analysis)
  • Fundraising (Presentation Materials, Crowdfunding)
Identify the issues in workshop with NPO

Pro Bono even change ourselves

  • Through Pro Bono, I realized just how closely we are connected to society. A willingness to help is all it takes to start moving things forward. Another great achievement was that my daughter now sees me in a new light, and says things like “I can’t believe my father is involved in social contribution activities!” (Seiji Shimizu, Planning & Coordination Dept., Metal Products Business Unit)
  • It was a wonderful accomplishment! I learned a lot from the NPO people for their passion, insight, and ability of breaking-through, as well as from the team members for their skills and mindsets. It was also inspiring to encounter values that I do not usually get to see in my daily work. (Momoko Awata, Electronic & Functional Materials Dept.)
  • I was reminded of the importance of working with an awareness of the need to change society for the better. I was also glad to see so many people in Sumitomo Corporation with a high level of empathy and a willingness to help people in vulnerable situations. (Kimihiko Koshima, Hydrogen Business Dept.)
The employees who participated in Pro Bono work for the I am OK Association, Momoko Awata (Left), Kimihiko Koshima (Center) and Seiji Shimizu.

Voice from the NPO we supported

This activity was based on a network of goodwill. The Pro Bono team worked really hard to search for, consider, and make clear our strengths and shortcomings. Thanks to your presentation materials and brochures, the local government, who had been indifferent for quite some time, had suddenly approached us for a consignment. I enjoyed working with you and hope this opportunity was as meaningful for you as it was for us. Ms. Michiko Hayashida (Representative, I am OK Association)

Activity Records

1st half of FY2020: Jul-Oct (19 employees participated)

I am OK Association
Mission: Supporting children with developmental disability and their parents
Pro Bono Support: Communications (to potential beneficiaries/local governments)
Alba Edu
Mission: Enhancing speaking ability of Japanese (pre-school kids to college students)
Pro Bono Support: Project Strategies (including crowdfunding)
Mission: Developing leadership skills and creative minds of young female generations and promoting their career opportunities in the society
Pro Bono Support: Project Strategies

2nd half of FY2020: Oct-Jan (14 employees participated)

Mission: Promoting the society where the sense of Diversity and Inclusion is respected and each individual can demonstrate own identity for further growth
Pro Bono Support: Operational Improvements
Tasa Education
Mission: Aiming to provide equal learning opportunities to all children
Pro Bono Support: Communications
WRO Japan
Mission: Providing learning opportunities for the students in elementary, junior high, and senior high schools to develop world-class scientists and engineers
Pro Bono Support: Communications