Providing over 150 children with a year's supply of fresh food

Sumitomo Corporation Brazil (SCBR) raised R$5,610 to provide enough food for local children.

Focusing on the Social Needs Caused by COVID-19

COVID-19 placed Brazil back on the world hunger map creating a need for adequate nutrition for the immunity, growth and development of children. SCBR recognized this need in the local community and partnered with Associação Paulista de Apoio a Família (APAF), a local education center located near the SCBR office in the month of March 2022.
One of the programs APAF provides is daycare services for children ages 0-3 years. The program provides different developmental activities throughout the day and the children are taught to communicate through speech, body, arts, music, dance reading and writing. The children are also fed breakfast, lunch and dinner at this program.

Younger children spend all day at school.
Our contribution will help children in their development.

Enriching Lives of the Children in their Local Community

Through the 100SEED Program, SCBR originally aimed to raise R$500 which would supply 50kg of fresh produce to feed 150 children for approximately one month. SCBR 100SEED Volunteer Team rallied together to launch a Donation Drive in March, and to their surprise and amazement a total of 43 employees (about 50% of the total workforce) donated, raising R$5,610, far exceeding the initial goal. This will provide a years’ worth of fresh fruit and vegetables for the children in this program. The employees were proud to be part of enriching the lives of the children in their local community.

February 2023