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Corporate Information

“Sumitomo Corporation (Central Eurasia) LLC” started its operation in 2011 as wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation (Japan). Sumitomo Corporation (Central Eurasia) LLC has its Head Quarter located in Moscow and branch offices in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok. We work closely with Sumitomo Corporation (Japan) branches in Kyiv (Ukraine), Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Tashkent (Uzbekistan).

The establishment of Sumitomo Corporation (Central Eurasia) LLC enabled us to perform new commercial activities that were not possible for us as the Representative Office of Sumitomo Corporation (Japan). We aim to strengthen these commercial activities and provide our service to all customers as a member of Sumitomo Corporation (SC) Group.

Our target is to become a sound and profitable self-financed company in the nearest future. For this purpose, we have to develop our business by finding and creating suitable projects for our investments, our clients, our materials and our equipment in order to increase trade under our medium-term management plan.

Also through these projects we want to find good partners, develop new relations and find opportunities to invest domestically and internationally. This is not an easy job, but being challenging it is worth doing for us. Of course, we have to keep thorough compliance as essential base of our corporate governance.

Since we started local company we base our work on the principle of 3C’s which are ‘Change’, ‘Communication’, and ‘Challenge’. For unless we challenge ourselves, and try something new, no changes will take place and no communication will work. Challenge is a catalyst for the other ‘Cs,’ that facilitates the implementation of effective improvements and reconfirms our commitment to be what we want to be.

Message from President & CEO, Sumitomo Corporation (Central Eurasia)

Throughout our history – Sumitomo Corporation was originally founded as The Osaka North Harbour by Sumitomo and other companies in 1919, while Sumitomo's philosophy dates back to the 17th century – Sumitomo Corporation Group has offered comprehensive solutions to our customers, incorporating a wide range of business functions.

Based on the trust formed with our stakeholders and the broad expertise we have acquired, we have created and optimised an integrated value chain in fields such as metal products, infrastructure, ICT, mineral resources, chemical products, food, biomass, automotive and construction machinery.

Currently, we operate through subsidiaries and branches in Russia, namely Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

The environment is constantly changing, while new social challenges are emerging on a daily basis.

We will turn these challenges into opportunities to materialise sustainable growth and we are committed to continue working towards a better future.

Sumitomo Corporation Central Eurasia LLC
Haruo Matsuzaki
President & CEO