SHIFT 2023

Human Resources Strategy in the
Medium-Term Management Plan~ Human Resources System Revision ~

Sumitomo Corporation introduced a new human resources system as one measure for embodying "What We Aim for" as clarified in our Global HR Management Policy, which is our ideal form of human resources management.
We will remove restrictions and unleash the energy of individuals brimming with motivation and ambition. We will then channel their strengths into sustainable growth for the Group through human resources management that is both highly transparent and satisfying.

Direction of our human resources management reform

Concept of our new HR system

Introduction of the job grading system

  • Terminate seniority-based system for managers and introduce a job grading system that determines grades according to job size.
  • Maximize organizational performance by optimally allocating the best talents with an emphasis on expertise and skills.
  • Pursue human resource revitalization in all generations, from recent university graduates to veteran employees, through job-based HR management.
  • Achieve a shift to diverse models of professional training with double track formats consisting of expert job groups, which demonstrate high levels of creativity and expertise, and management job groups, which are responsible for organizational management.

Autonomous career development

  • By introducing “360-degree evaluation” and “absolute evaluation,” we will improve fairness in our evaluations and draw out our talents’ potential by paying earnest and full attention to them as individuals.
  • Through career assessment, we will enhance our reviews on each of the individuals’ career trajectories, experience, aptitude and challenges to optimize how we match training needs with business needs.
  • We will support the autonomous career development of each individual through a diversity of settings where they can take on challenges in the course of advancing their business objectives and also through an extensive human resource development program.