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Apr. 02, 2019
Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited
Sumitomo Corporation

Notice of Completion of Joint Stake in Aircraft Engine Leasing Company

Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited (“SMFL;” President: Masaki Tachibana) and Sumitomo Corporation (“Sumitomo Corp;” Representative Director, President and CEO: Masayuki Hyodo) completed a transfer of 65% of the shares of aircraft engine leasing company Sumisho Aero Engine Lease B.V. (CEO: Akinori Kojima), a joint venture between Sumitomo Corp and MTU Aero Engines (“MTU;” CEO: Reiner Winkler), a major German-based company that manufactures and services aircraft engines, on April 1, 2019 based on a share purchase agreement signed on December 28, 2018. The company has launched operations anew under the name SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V.


Overview of the joint-venture company

Name SMBC Aero Engine Lease B.V.
Head Office Address Strawinskylaan 1639, 1077X Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Shareholders and ownership ratios Before share acquisition by SMFL
Sumitomo Corp: 90%, MTU: 10%
After share acquisition by SMFL
SMFL: 65%, Sumitomo Corp: 25%, MTU: 10%
Capital 1,000 euro
Main business Aircraft engine leasing


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