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Jun. 11, 2018

Chiba Kyodo Silo Unveils Light Projection Display on Silo Walls

Chiba Kyodo Silo, a Sumitomo Corporation group company, unveiled its light projection show to the press on May 18, 2018. The show is projected onto the company’s silo walls using eight pieces of LED lighting equipment and three laser billboard* projectors. From June onward, the spectacle can be enjoyed from passing Chiba Port factory night-cruise. The show was organized in conjunction with local efforts to revitalize the Chiba Port neighborhood, and in support of Zenkoku Kojo Yakei Summit (All-Japan Factory Night View Summit), which will be hosted by Chiba City in October 2018.

Located in the Chiba Food Industrial Complex, Chiba Kyodo Silo is an important part of Chiba Port, which is the gateway to almost 20 percent of Japan’s imported wheat. The volumes of wheat handled by Chiba Kyodo Silo are among the largest in the country. The company has actively supported its local community by hosting interns from local high schools and universities. It has also organized many different types of community events initiated by individual staff members.

Toshihito Kumagai, the mayor of Chiba prefecture, and Manabu Yamane, the president and CEO of Chiba Kyodo Silo, shake hands.

The light projection show was also the idea of an employee, who, inspired by a projection mapping show at Tokyo Station, came up with the idea of applying the formula to the distinctive walls of silos. An in-house project team ran with the idea, and a Chiba Kyodo Silo original production materialized, with cooperation from Slovakia-based laser technology company, KVANT.

In addition to illuminating its silos every night, Chiba Kyodo Silo will give light projection shows on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, designed to be viewed from night-cruise. Two 5-minute-long productions, respectively titled Mugi Monogatari (The Story of Wheat) and Chiba no Shiki (Chiba through the Seasons), were screened for the press viewing. The company intends to produce and show different productions depending on the season or time of year. Readers are urged to look out for these exciting newcomers to the Chiba Port industrial nightscape.


* Laser billboard is a technology for projecting text and images onto building walls using laser projectors.

Exterior of Chiba Kyodo Silo. The Chiba Food Industrial Complex is home to many companies affiliated with Sumitomo Corporation.
"Mugi Monogatari" tells the story of how harvested wheat reaches the table.
"Chiba no Shiki" showcases the seasonal scenery and features of Chiba.