Aug. 31, 2018

Take Your Child to Work Day

On August 22, we held a family day at the Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit. The purpose of this event was to introduce employees’ children to their parents’ workplace and show them what it is like to work at a trading company.

This event is part of an initiative to promote work-life management and aims to encourage communication at home and at work. It also seeks to motivate employees by helping their children better understand the company they work for.

15 children (in upper grades at elementary school) attended this event, and they played games to experience some work at the company. As honorary Sumitomo Corporation employees for the day, they exchanged business cards with President and CEO Masayuki Hyodo, participated in a simulation for crude oil futures trading at the Commodity Business Department, and experienced price negotiation in a game on pharmaceuticals trading.

“My children became interested in the company, and the experience prompted conversations at home,” said one, while another commented “this was an experience that will impact my child’s future,” indicating that the day succeeded in promoting communication. “There were lots of people, and the president was friendly and nice,” reported one of the children, all of whom were visiting the company for the first time. “I want to go again tomorrow,” said another.

Participating in a simulation for crude oil futures trading, the children were surprised by the amount of money that is involved
Photo session in the president’s office
Price negotiation in the trading game