May 13, 2024
Sumitomo Corporation

Opened “Wellness Square Shimura” Clinic Mall to Support Community Medical Care- New facility will utilize Tomod’s’ knowledge and network as well as Sumitomo Corporation's real estate development capabilities -

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Shingo Ueno) has launched a business to develop clinic malls (Note 1) and in May 2024 opened its first location – Wellness Square Shimura in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo – with Tomod's serving as both the operating company and a tenant. The Company will continue actively developing clinic malls to serve as hubs for local medical care in the interest of realizing comprehensive community care.

Exterior view of Wellness Square Shimura
Dispensing pharmacy Tomod's on the 1st floor
Interior with wood-grain walls, stone tiles, and green art

As Japan’s birthrate declines and its population ages, the government is shifting the venue for providing medical care from hospitals to homes to ensure the sustainability of the social security system, and is accordingly aiming by the end of 2025 to establish a “community-based comprehensive care system” in which local medical and nursing care institutions collaborate to provide services in an integrated manner. Cooperation in medical care among local medical institutions is being encouraged to ensure that patients continue to receive appropriate medical care in their communities, giving ever-growing importance to family doctors (clinics) providing routine medical care and health management. Demand has been growing year by year for convenient and appealing clinic malls made capable of offering a variety of medical services as one-stop facilities by attracting multiple clinics as well as providing dispensing pharmacies.

Against this social backdrop, Sumitomo Corporation will engage in the BTS business (Note 2) in connection with clinic malls featuring clinics and dispensing pharmacies as their main tenants in carefully selected locations that match local medical demand by leveraging its strengths in business site sourcing and its development management capabilities cultivated through its real estate business. By utilizing the knowledge and networks of operating companies such as Tomod’s and Yakuju and other dispensing pharmacy companies, Sumitomo Corporation will actively expand this BTS business and advance the establishment of medical hubs for comprehensive community care.

(Note 1) Facilities housing clinics of various specialties (e.g., internal medicine, surgery, and pediatrics) as well as pharmacies in a single building
(Note 2) Abbreviation for Build To Suit; the business of building and leasing tailor-made facilities developed in response to specific tenant requests


Profile of Wellness Square Shimura

Location : 3-7-14, Shimura, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Access : One-minute walk from Shimura-sanchome Station on the Toei Mita Line
Land area : 261.96㎡
Building structure : Four-story steel-framed building
Total floor area : 806.87㎡
Tenant composition : 4th floor : Dentistry (planned)
3rd floor : Orthopedics
2nd floor : Internal medicine, psychosomatic medicine (planned)
1st floor : Dispensing pharmacy

Sumitomo Corporation's real estate BTS business initiatives

Committed to “community-made development”, Sumitomo Corporation has been developing facilities that suit local characteristics and that meet the needs of supermarkets, home centers and other commercial tenants as well as hotels and similar businesses. Going forward, the Company will be enhancing its asset types to include senior housing and healthcare as new areas and extending its business territory from the four major metropolitan areas to core regional cities based on the needs of tenants and investors, with the aim of growing its business to provide value that meets the needs of various stakeholders, including local communities, governments, and investors, as well as the needs of the times.