Message from CEO

Firstly, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Iehisa Nakamura, CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited. Before explaining our activities, let me briefly introduce some of the history behind Sumitomo Corporation, one of the world's leading corporate groups, of which we are a part.

Sumitomo Corporation began trading in Japan after World War II by exporting industrial products and importing natural resources. Since then, our business has expanded to steel goods, machinery, chemicals, mineral resources and various other products. Over the years we have built an extensive global network, which we have used to expand trade activities to many other countries outside of Japan.

Extending our business to include both upstream and downstream activities of the product supply chain, Sumitomo Corporation is also advanced in mining, manufacturing and retail, as well as offering various services in finance and insurance in order to support such diverse businesses.

Our highly flexible corporate model enables us to work with customers and partners across various business fields and projects, and we are always looking to provide increasingly diverse and sophisticated services. For our business activities – including investments – we commit to creating social and environmental values and achieving sustainable growth.
In Europe, we are facing structural changes of society and industry driven by factors such as the global carbon neutrality trend and COVID-19 pandemic. Further, Europe region has significant influence on global rule-making for social structural changes with decarbonisation in mind.

Given this background, we have developed various businesses which tackle global and regional issues and promoted business creation from a medium to long term point of view.

We will further promote business development activities, particularly in the areas of “Energy transition”, “Digitalisation”, “Circular economy” and “Improvement of living standards”, while developing partnerships with leading companies and investing in emerging technologies and companies.

We will contribute to forming a sustainable society by utilising our global network and leveraging our integrated corporate strength.

Iehisa Nakamura, CEO,
Sumitomo Corporation Europe Group