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Global expansion of fresh produce business

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Expanding our portfolio of fresh produce business

We have been engaged in the production and import of bananas since the 1960s and have built a consistent value chain from production in the Philippines to sales around Asia. In Japan in particular, not only do we maintain the largest market share in the import of bananas, we are also focused on the import and domestic distribution of other fresh produce.

We had also been seeking an opportunity to enter the fresh produce markets of Europe and the Americas, which are larger in scale. In February 2017, this was achieved by acquiring Fyffes, which is involved in the production, distribution, and sales of fresh produce in Europe, the US, Canada, and Latin America, with a focus on bananas, pineapples, melons, and mushrooms. Now as a subsidiary, Fyffes has allowed us to further expand our portfolio of fresh produce business.

Going forward, we will aim to further grow the company by extending product line, expanding company-owned farms, and streamlining distribution.

History of Fyffes

Fyffes, founded in 1888, is one of the world’s leading companies in the production and wholesaling of fresh produce, with 130 years’ experience in Europe and the Americas. Since 1929, it has sold fruit under its “Blue Label”—a blue-colored label bearing the Fyffes logo. The company is known as the world’s oldest fruit brand.

Since early on, bananas have been the company’s main product. Fyffes sells bananas produced or procured mainly in Latin America to markets in Europe and North America, maintaining the top share in Europe. Additionally, Fyffes holds the top share in the import of melons to the US and is also the largest producer and distributor of mushrooms in Canada.

As seen above, the company’s strength lies in products that dominate the market as well as in its expansive business portfolio.

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