Business Unit Overview


The Steel Business Unit contributes to the development of local communities and industries with our global value chains for various metal products, including: iron steel, forged and casted products such as steel sheets, tubular products and railway products.


Business Fields

  • Stainless, electrical and other specialty steel, products and services
  • Steel plate for various applications
  • Railway products
  • Forgings and castings products
  • Nickel, aluminium, copper, tin and titanium products
  • Semiconductor and smart materials
  • Magnet and wire products
  • Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • Line pipes
  • Tubular supply chain management
Motor Core

Metal Products

We cover a wide range of metal products, from steel products such as steel sheets, to tubular products and railway products, those of which are used in various fields and support our lifestyles. These fields include: transport vehicles such as automobiles, ships, aircraft and trains; home appliances and office equipment; and oil/natural gas production, transportation, geothermal and wind-power generation infrastructure.

Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, we are responding to the trend towards body weight reduction and the shift towards electric vehicles through material supply which is intended to make a contribution to the building of an environmentally sustainable society.

Contribution to CO2 emission reduction

In addition to the stability of high-quality products supply, we have recently engaged to realise a carbon-free society through the provision of products and services which enable CO2 emissions to be reduced in the field of energy.

Rolled Aluminum Sheet
Motor Core
Rolled Steel & Slit Coil

Group Companies

  • Howco Group
  • Petroleum Services
  • Sekal AS
  • Steel Centre Europe