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Offering customers non-stop joy and excitement with live TV
―Jupiter Shop Channel―


Shop Channel—Japan's No 1 television shopping channel

TV shopping provides viewers with the fun of shopping from the comfort of their own home. Jupiter Shop Channel, in which Sumitomo Corporation has a stake, is Japan's number one TV shopping company. “Shop Channel” features a wide range of products – fashion and beauty products, home goods, household appliances, gourmet foods, etc. – in its round-the-clock broadcasting, and its live programming maximizes the appeal of these products to the delight of countless customers.

When Shop Channel was launched in 1996 it was the first channel in Japan devoted to TV shopping. At first, the viewing audience was limited but the number of households tuning in has increased every year in tandem with wider distribution by cable TV stations and the spread of CS/BS digital broadcasting across the country. Sales, too, have steadily increased in line with these developments. At present, 30.04 million households—more than half of the total 50 million domestic TV viewing households—have access to Shop Channel and the company boasts the top sales in the Japanese TV shopping industry. (As of March 2020)

Basic information about products and ordering methods as well as data on sales numbers and telephone congestion are presented on the screen in a readily-comprehensible and timely manner

Interactive programming unique to live broadcasts

Why do so many viewers tune in to Shop Channel?

One reason is the live nature of the broadcasts. Shop Channel spends 30 to 60 minutes introducing each item and brand, detailing its features and background without relying on a prepared script. Over the course of a single program, the inventory status and telephone congestion are monitored in real time and presented to viewers in an accurate and timely manner. Live calls from customers are occasionally connected to the studio to allow viewers to hear direct feedback, and the uniquely interactive nature of live TV is one of the key attractions of the Shop Channel.

Also, the call center that takes customer orders plays an essential role from behind the scenes. Shop Channel operates its own call centers in Tokyo (250 seats) and Osaka (110 seats). Together, these operators receive approximately 70,000 calls a day on average. In particular, call centers are flooded with call-in orders during the channel's prime-time hours, starting at midnight, when it presents that day's most recommended products. Appropriate arrangements have been made, however, to ensure that shoppers don't have to wait too long when placing an order at this late hour. Such arrangements include allowing those who have made a prior purchase to settle the transaction faster using their purchase histories, which are readily accessible to the operator. This and other customer-friendly systems have led to high customer satisfaction.

The TV shopping company has also built and operates a large-scale logistics center in partnership with Sumitomo Global Logistics. Its flexible logistics functions enable next-day shipping for most orders.

Call center accepting orders 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and also connecting live calls from viewers to the studio

Integrated management across purchasing, broadcasting, order receipt and delivery

Needless to say, the stars of the show on Shop Channel are the products themselves. Over a week, about 500 items are introduced, with roughly half of them making their first appearance. These items are all located and purchased from all over Japan and around the world by in-house buyers. To use the fashion category as an example of how purchasing decisions are made, only items that buyers were convinced of in terms of trends, fabrics and other factors are procured. Other items are specially developed for Shop Channel in collaboration with famous manufacturers. Shop Channel's buyers are so uncompromising in their selection of items that it sometimes takes a year of negotiations before purchase orders are made.

Another major player is the program planning that ensures the best and most useful features of products are highlighted. Who is the target customer? Among the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of on-air time available, which is the best slot to broadcast the program? What angle or approach should be taken to best convey the special features of the product? To get the right answers to these questions, buyers, planners, directors and other staff engage in a series of elaborate discussions over many months.

As can be seen from the above, Shop Channel integrates every process from product development, purchasing and broadcasting to call center and logistics operations. Thanks to this integrated management system, it can respond keenly to consumer trends as well as offer services that anticipate future needs.

Local specialties and traditional culture from across Japan are presented in a special TV series called “Discover Japan” (shown here is a June 2019 live broadcast from Niigata Prefecture)

Achieving further growth by expanding contact points

Although Shop Channel's accessibility coverage for Japanese households has exceeded 50%, the bulk of orders are placed by a limited number of viewers. To further its growth and develop a new customer base, the company has also committed to expanding its points of contact. Utilizing websites and apps as well as SNS and digital media, it is striving to create an environment that lets customers view the products they wish to see anytime from anywhere via whatever device they choose, and to offer customers an ever more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Another of Shop Channel's goals is to become a program that viewers actively seek out, rather than one that they watch after passively coming across it. To do this, it will further improve the program, enhance its services and work to increase customer satisfaction even more by leveraging its integrated high-quality functions, ranging from product development and purchasing to call center to logistics operations.

Fully coupling the Internet with television has made it easy to search for products. A website specializing in fashion has been launched, and its content will be continually enhanced.

December 2020


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