Dec. 24, 2021
Sumitomo Corporation

Advisory on scam & fraudulent activities

Recently, there have been reported cases that some individuals in India and other countries were offered jobs in Sumitomo Corporation in Japan purportedly from some recruitment agencies. Some of them misrepresent themselves as our authorized agencies by use of our corporate logomark without our permission. We are going to take necessary actions against the misrepresentation.

It has been reported that certain recruitment agencies fraudulently charge the applicants for having an interview and moving on to the next step of employment screening. Please note that Sumitomo Corporation does not charge any fee, nor requires any money deposits from applicants at any stage of employment screening.

We would therefore ask you to be vigilant and careful when you receive unsolicited emails or contacts purportedly from Sumitomo Corporation, or its recruitment agency. If you have any doubt or question, please write to us via the Contact Form on our website.

Sumitomo Corporation will not be responsible for damages or losses incurred by such unsolicited correspondences with unauthorized recruitment agencies.