Sep. 10, 2019

Family Day at Group Companies

Family Day events for employees’ children were held at Sumitomo Corporation and its group companies during the summer vacation season from July to August.

The number of participants in the events were: 29 elementary school children at Sumitomo Corporation’s Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit (on August 21), 18 preschool and elementary school children at Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu (on August 5), 138 family members at Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation (SMT) and Sumisho Aero-Systems Corporation (SAS) (joint event on August 23), and 73 persons including employees at Jupiter Shop Channel (on July 25).

The joint event of SMT and SAS allowed participants to take an office tour, experience name card exchange and yoga with employees (since January 2019, SMT has held a daily yoga session from 15:00 to promote mental and physical health and internal communication), and enjoy coloring, ring toss, and balloon art at festival stalls. Through a wide variety of experiences, participants gained a better understanding of the companies.

Shop Channel has hosted “SHOP Open Company” every summer since August 2007. Participants, beaming with smiles, spent a day interacting with employees through name card exchange and a stamp rally (in which participants collected stamps on a card at different locations), touring studios and the call center, and visiting the president’s office.

Visiting their fathers’ or mother’s companies that they usually had no chance to see, participating children gave their impressions. “I was so glad to sit in the president’s chair,” said one child, while another commented, “My mother’s company is great. It is doing many important jobs.” Employees also provided favorable feedback, including “Both parents and children enjoyed the event. It had a positive impact on my child’s growth,” and “The experience was priceless and inspiring. It helped to nurture the children to see society.”

Group photo at the SMT- SAS joint event. At the space exhibiting products handled by those companies, children curiously looked at items on display.
For its first Family Day event, Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu presented notebooks with the president’s message to all children.
Sumitomo Corporation’s Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit held the event, as it did last year. Children visited the president‘s office for the stamp rally and received a stamp from President Masayuki Hyodo.
Children enjoyed camera operation as they visited Shop Channel’s studio.