Sep. 30, 2019

Sumitomo Corporation cosponsors China Festival 2019

Sumitomo Corporation has cosponsored “China Festival 2019,” a commemorative project to promote bilateral youth exchange between China and Japan. The event was held at Yoyogi Park on September 20 and 21.

Now in its fourth year, this event has become firmly established as a new platform to expand exchanges and further mutual understanding between the two countries. With more than 100,000 visitors attending each year, it is the largest China-themed festival in Japan and broadly introduces many aspects of Chinese culture such as Chinese entertainment, art, food, tourism, and the Chinese economy. As this year marks the year of promoting “youth exchange between China and Japan”, many events were held under that theme, including a student exchange project between the two countries.

Sumitomo Corporation has developed substantial business operations in China, with our history in the country stretching back to 1955. Since then, we have gradually diversified our business activities, increased the number of our bases in China, and deepened our friendships in the country beyond the confines of business. Endorsing the aims of the China Festival of further promoting exchanges between China and Japan, we decided to cosponsor the event.

The event venue was packed with visitors keen to enjoy its various offerings, ranging from gourmet booths providing authentic Chinese food, exhibitions and sales of Chinese specialties, and locally distinctive cultural performances by Chinese arts organizations to stage events performed by renowned Japanese and Chinese artists.

Opening ceremony by organizers. Cosponsors include many companies with close ties to China, including Sumitomo Corporation.
With stage performances by various Japanese and Chinese artists, a large audience flocked to the venue.
There were a lot of unique Chinese food booths at the venue. Efforts were made to devise ways to make the day even more fun for visitors.