Aug. 05, 2019

Tomod’s Scent Project to create a soothing space in town

Tomod’s, a Sumitomo Corporation Group company, introduced an original scent at its Ikejiri-Ohashi store on July 1. A soothing aroma wafting throughout the store creates a space which offers more satisfying, relaxing shopping experience to the customers.

Tomod’s original scent used in this endeavor was developed by the world-renowned perfumer Christophe Laudamiel in cooperation with the open innovation laboratory BÉLAIR LAB operated by Rohto Pharmaceutical. In developing the scent, principles guiding the business operation of Tomod’s, including its mission statement and human resources vision, were conveyed to the master perfumer by Takeshi Nomura, an officer in charge of merchandise. To create a scent that can readily be associated with a pleasant shopping experience at Tomod’s, sensory tests were uncompromisingly repeated until an impeccable perfume accord was obtained.

The scent, named “Modern Trust No. 10,” is a blend of 14 different perfume ingredients, and aims to bring about a feeling of trust and security and to create cheerfulness, sophisticated modernity and peace. By also allowing customers to enjoy Tomod’s through their sense of smell, one of the human senses, the project is designed to create value that stimulates customer interest in shopping at Tomod’s.

The scent in Tomod’s is emitted from a diffuser installed beside the entrance of the store. Once customers step inside, they will smell a tender, calm citrus scent. Many of Tomod’s stores have prescription departments inside and are frequented by sick customers. To provide a relaxing space for such customers, the scent has been adjusted so as to not be overwhelming.

The first Tomod’s store was opened in Ikejiri-Ohashi in 1994 as a drugstore with its own prescription department inside—a pioneering concept at the time in Japan, but one that is now commonplace for drugstores. Since that time, Tomod’s has been leading the drugstore industry of Japan, for example, through introducing automated drug dispensing. As a local healthcare center, Tomod’s will endeavor to offer a place that continues to be loved by customers.

Ikejiri-Ohashi Store loved by the local community. A prescription department can be seen from the entrance
A diffuser installed beside the entrance gives off a soothing scent in the store
A lounge space in front of the prescription department
BÉLAIR LAB, an open innovation lab for scents. The project for Tomod’s is the lab’s first olfactory communication project