Business Unit Overview


Our Automotive Business Unit handles a diversified business portfolio. Its interests range both upstream and downstream – from manufacture, trading and distribution through to finance and lease operations. We have a global outreach and our business continues to grow; it currently incorporates twelve group companies which work across Europe to satisfy customer demand.


Business Fields

  • Automotive sales, leasing, rent and insurance
  • Automotive parts: supply and assembly
  • Car parking and sharing

Sales and Marketing

Our sales and marketing business line runs activities from the distribution of vehicles through to retail, sales and finance, and we hold automotive distributors and dealerships in Ukraine, Slovenia, Slovakia and Bulgaria.


Our manufacturing business line covers all fields in the sourcing and production of components and raw materials, as well as the supply of final products, including warehousing, assembly and logistics services.

Mobility Services

In addition, we have entered into the new field of mobility services, creating a group company to offer an electric vehicles sharing service in Sweden. It is a consumer-facing activity with customer satisfaction key; we focus on building customer retention and brand loyalty, ensuring that the customer is satisfied throughout their ‘car life’. We also aim to contribute to energy transition, circular economy and carbon neutralisation through EV fleet and making efficient use of EV batteries as a distributed energy resource. 

Our activity has provided diversified solutions, through trading activity and business investment, to our customers and business partners, to contribute to the automotive industry and to future mobility.

Tyre assembly line at Summit D&V, Hungary

Group Companies

  • Aimo Park
  • Aimo Solutions
  • Drive Electric
  • CrowdCharge
  • Moto Pfohe Group
  • Summit Avto
  • Summit D&V
  • Summit Motors Bratislava
  • Summit Motors Ljubljana 
  • Summit Motors Slovakia 
  • Summit Motors Ukraine 
  • Toyota Ukraine