Global HR Management Policy

Sumitomo Corporation established the Sumitomo Corporation Group "Global HR Management Policy". This policy sets forth the vision and concept of human resources management on a global basis with the aim of achieving human resources management for the creation of new value. It is used as the foundation for each HR initiative.

01 Why we established this policy

The Sumitomo Corporation Group, through our "Global HR Management Policy", presents a vision for global human resources management.
With this as the foundation of all our HR initiatives, we will implement HR management to foster an environment that creates new value.

02 What we aim for

SC people

The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to be a group of individuals “creating new value on a global scale, sharing SC Group’s vision and mission, and maintaining high aspirations and a continuous intrinsic motivation with Enterprising Spirit”.

SC organization

The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to build a Great Place to Work on a global scale, where individuals continuously and passionately create new value.
We aim to be an organization recognized for nurturing talents that continuously take on new challenges throughout the world.

03 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Sumitomo Corporation Group recognizes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as "the core enabler for value creation, innovation and competitiveness", eliminating any barriers, and pursuing the realization of our shared vision, by leveraging our mix of diverse wisdom.

04 How we realize this aim

The Mindset that Sumitomo Corporation Group values in HR management.


    To realize business growth strategy.


    To be responsive to different needs in various businesses, regions, and markets, and to provide flexibility.


    To treat and reward individuals in a fair manner, with "medium and long-term perspective" and "objectivity".


    To continue highly transparent operations understood by individuals from different backgrounds, so we can elevate our collective understanding.


    To value individual responsibility, commitment, and accountability.


    To convey your own thoughts to another with respect while drawing out the other person’s views so as to build a bridge of understanding.


    To comply with local laws, as well as governance systems and agreements.

  1. 1. Talent recruitment

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group continuously endeavors to be attractive to diverse talents. In recruitment, we value the sharing of core values, regardless of one’s background or any dimension of diversity.

  2. 2. Talent development and training

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group values the fundamental significance of "talent development".
    We encourage individuals to grow proactively by continuously learning with a heightened sense of awareness.

  3. 3. For talent success
    ‐ Performance management ‐

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group pursues transparent and fair evaluation for each contribution to organizational growth and value enhancement, thereby connecting the performance management process to the growth of both individuals and organizations.

  4. 4. For talent success
    ‐ Right person in right assignment ‐

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group draws out the full potential of individuals rich with diversity. Through a Talent Review and Succession Planning mechanism, we deploy the right talents to the right assignments according to our business strategy.

  5. 5. Fair treatment

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group, while bearing in mind Total Rewards, spotlights and respects different promoters of value creation and pursues fair treatment.

  6. 6. Work environment and workplace culture that support talents

    The Sumitomo Corporation Group provides a safe, healthy and sound work environment.
    We create a workplace culture that provides psychological safety and encourages growth of individuals and trustworthy relationships.

05 Who takes responsibility for HR Management

All members of the Sumitomo Corporation Group assume the ownership and responsibility to execute this "Global HR Management Policy".