Support for the University of Tokyo Global Leadership Program

Sumitomo Corporation promotes the training of future global leaders

Sumitomo Corporation is in partnership with the University of Tokyo for its GLP-GEfIL (Global Leadership Program-Global Education for Innovation and Leadership), which aims to develop capable future leaders in the international community. We have been cooperating in this university-wide undergraduate program since its launch in 2013. In 2018, we became UTokyo GLP Leading Partner through finding common ground with the program's HR development vision, which focuses on the abilities to engage in transverse collaboration and to propose innovative solutions to global issues. This has allowed us to support and engage in the program in various manners.

All GLP-GEfIL classes are taught in English, and GLP-GEfIL students are required to participate in academic programs at prestigious universities abroad at least twice during the program period. Corporate endowment is used to offer grants to overseas program participants.

As the UTokyo GLP Leading Partner, Sumitomo Corporation makes available its corporate resources to enable GLP students to come into contact with the world of work and have rich learning experiences.