Dec. 14, 2020

Establishment of Global HR Management Policy

Sumitomo Corporation estabishes Sumitomo Corporation Group's “Global HR Management Policy”.

This policy sets forth the vision and the mindset we value in global HR management. It will serve as the foundation of all HR initiatives on a worldwide basis. In doing so, our goal is to foster an environment that empowers our people to create new value.

Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to expand the networks of individuals “creating new value on a global scale, pursuing professionalism with a continuous intrinsic motivation”, and to become an organization recognized for nurturing talents that continuously take on new challenges throughout the world, while building up a “Great Place to Work” where diverse talents passionately hone their skills and grow together.

For more details, please refer to the link below.
Global HR Management Policy

As one of the specific actions that align with the policy’s philosophy, Sumitomo Corporation plans to revise its HR system starting in April 2021. We will deploy the right talent to each assignment in alignment with our business strategy and accelerate challenges for individuals full of motivation and aspiration, implementing HR management with high transparency.