CSR through Business Activities -By Social Issue-

Achieving Harmony with the Global Environment

Renewable Energy Business

We are actively operating wind and solar power generation and other renewable energy projects inside and outside of Japan to promote sustainable and reliable supplies of energy.

Wood Resource Business

In the general forest products business in the Russian Far East, we are promoting sustainable forest management by using “ribbon cutting” logging, which leaves the parent trees intact so that they can drop seeds which will germinate naturally.

Reused EV Battery Project

We contribute to wider access to renewable energy usage by utilizing used power storage systems collected from electric vehicles (EVs) to stabilize the power of renewable generation which fluctuates based on environmental conditions.

Contributing to the Development of Local Communities and Industries

Business Contributing to a Stable Energy Supply

In the tubular products business, we supply superior quality tubular products and related materials leveraging high technological skills to users around the world, thus contributing to the stable supply of energy and support the industrial foundation.

Industrial Park Business

While supporting the manufacturing operations of Japanese companies in Asia, we contribute to industrial and economic development in the region by creating jobs, cultivating human resources and building related infrastructure.

Resource Development Business

While securing stable supplies of resources, we assist the development of local industries through cultivating human resources and installing industrial and living infrastructure, thus contributing to environmental preservation and sustainable development.

Establishing a Foundation for Comfortable and Enriching Lifestyles

Cable TV Business

We operate the largest Cable TV business in Japan, providing over 90 TV channels, Internet and other services to 5.28 million households, thereby enriching people’s daily lives.

Car and Motorcycle Retail Financing Business

Conducting our financing business, mainly in emerging countries, and targeting income groups previously without access to funds to purchase cars and motorcycles, we have greatly improved people’s quality of life.

Crop Protection and Fertilizer Business

We leverage our sales network to offer crop protection products, fertilizers, and other agricultural materials together with our knowledge and information on the proper usage of products. Through these efforts, we contribute to a stable food supply and eco-friendly agricultural production.

Providing Diverse “Accessibility”

Aircraft Leasing Business

We support safe and proper aircraft management through our aircraft leasing business in the aviation industry, which sustains the transport of people and goods, and draws countries all over the world closer together.

Business Supporting Transportation Network Development

Utilizing specialized vessels for transporting long rails, we enabled the transport of 150-meter-long steel rails, which previously needed to be divided into six segments for transportation. As a result, we are helping expedite the development of railroad networks and reduce maintenance work.

Mobile Telecommunication Service Provider Business

Our telecom service in Myanmar delivers service at Japanese quality standards, contributing to the rapid spread of the mobile phones in the country. Through this business, we are creating telecom networks offering various ways of access.