Oct. 03, 2022

Establishment of a Satellite Office in Phoenix, Arizona

Sumitomo Corporation has established a satellite office in Phoenix, Arizona under the umbrella of Sumitomo Corporation of America.

With its dry air, abundant groundwater, and vast land, Arizona has become a major center for advanced industries such as semiconductors and electric vehicles. In particular, in response to rapidly increasing global demand for semiconductors, several manufacturers have been making large investments, and building or strengthening new plants in and around Arizona in recent years, which has led to further expansion of the semiconductor industry, including investments by semiconductor-related materials manufacturers.

Sumitomo Corporation is engaged in the trading and manufacturing business of various electronic materials such as semiconductors and secondary batteries, as well as the EMS(Electronics Manufacturing Service)business through Sumitronics, a group company. By establishing a new office in Arizona, where the semiconductor industry is expanding, Sumitomo Corporation will provide more support for the semiconductor supply chain globally, including collaboration with other offices in Japan and East Asia.

【Outline of the office】
Official name: Sumitomo Corporation of the Americas, Phoenix Satellite Office
Office Manager: Masaya Sato
Address: 2550 W. Union Hills Drive, PHX, AZ, Suite 350, Office No. 310