Mar. 05, 2013
Sumitomo Corporation

Establishment of a new TV Home Shopping Company in Thailand "SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd."

Sumitomo Corporation (hereinafter: Sumitomo), in associate with Jupiter Shop Channel (hereinafter: JSC), has established a new TV home shopping company, "SHOP Global (Thailand)Co., Ltd." (hereinafter: SHOP) on February 18th, 2013 in Thailand with I.C.C. International Public Company Ltd. (hereinafter: ICC) and Central Department Store Limited. (hereinafter: Central). The program will be aired throughout the year, 24 hours a day starting from June 2013, introducing high quality products from Japan and selected products from Thailand and around the world. SHOP aims to air live-broadcasting-based entertaining programs 24hours a day in the future.

Sumitomo has been operating JSC, a leading TV home shopping company in Japan, since 1996. With the know-how that has been cultivated through the experience of 24 hour-live broadcasting, they have continuously looked into the possibility of expanding to other countries within Asia. The preparation to start the business in Thailand was commenced in August 2012 between Sumitomo, ICC and Central. And due to the realization of the joint venture, Sumitomo decided to start the first overseas TV home shopping business in Thailand. The president and CEO of SHOP will be dispatched from Sumitomo, and with staff from JSC who have professional skills such as program production and merchandising, Sumitomo will lead the management of the new company.

ICC ranks among Thailand's largest wholesalers of consumer products, and Central, a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation (CRC), is the largest retailer in Thailand. Leveraging each of Sumitomo, ICC, and Central's strengths, SHOP aims to become Thailand's top television home shopping channel, with target annual sales of THB 3 billion in the 5th year.

In the past, Sumitomo has actualized a broadcasting program that introduces traditional art craft work from Thai rural area. It was called the "OTOP" project which means "One Tambon One Product" with support from Thai government and vendors, it became a great success. Sumitomo hopes to strengthen the relationship between Thai consumers and Sumitomo, and will contribute to the friendship between Thai and Japan by introducing high quality and sophisticated products from both countries.

Sumitomo Corporation's Media, Network & Lifestyle Retail Unit will continue to seek for a similar excellent local partner within Asia and will accelerate expanding its successful retail business model in Asian countries.

<Additional Information>

Profile of SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Official company name : SHOP Global (Thailand)Co., Ltd.
Capital : THB 6 hundred million
Purpose of establishment : Developing a multimedia retail business in Thailand
President & CEO : Shigeru Ohashi
(former managing executive officer of Sumitomo and former CEO of JSC)
Platform : TV and internet (including PC and mobile)
Merchandising : High-end oriented products such as jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, fashion, food, etc.
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Ownership : Sumitomo Corporation Group : 40% ICC International Public Company : 30% Central Department Store Limited. : 30% Broadcasting launch date : June 2013
Status of preparation : Broadcasting studio - under construction
CAST - Currently being trained through lessons from JSC CASTs and others
*CAST: Creative Advisor of Shopping Tour
Warehouse- Under selection on the assumption to use three bases
including One that is owned by CRC
Profile of SAHA Group
Official name of the group : SAHA Group
Number of companies in the group : Over 200 companies
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Business outline : SAHA Group is one of the largest manufacturing wholesaler of consumer products in Thailand. They manufacture and distribute a wide variety of consumer products such as apparel, cosmetics, foods and household items, etc. They deal with about 1,000 brands of products inside and outsideThailand.
Center firms:Distributing Companies (I.C.C. International Public Company Ltd., Saha Pathanapibul Public Company Ltd.), Manufacturing Companies (Thai president foods Public Company Ltd., Thai Wacoal Public Company Ltd.)
Sales : 12,825 Million Baht (2011 sales of I.C.C. International Public Company Ltd.)
Profile of Central Retail Corporation
Official name of the company : Central Retail Corporation Limited
Subsidiaries : Over 40 companies
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Business outline : Central Retail Corporation is the largest retailer in Thailand developing over 580 stores such as department stores, supermarkets and specialty stores, etc. They have accelerated expanding its retail business to overseas.
For example, they acquired La Rinascente, a famous department store in Italy in 2011.
Center firms (in Thailand) : Department Stores (Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Zen), Specialty Stores (PowerBuy, Supersports, B2S, Homework, Office Depot, Thai Watsadu), Supermarkets (Central Foodhall, Tops Market, Tops Super, Tops Daily) and Central Embassy.
Sales : 107,000 Million Baht (sales of 2011)
Main roles of the shareholders:
Sumitomo Corporation Group : Providing JSC's 24 hour broadcasting TV home shopping operation know-how.
I.C.C. International Public Company, a member of SAHA Group : Assisting merchandising by proposing suitable products and local-oriented consumer needs based on their expertise in distributor.
Providing operation of facilities such as call center, delivery, warehousing, etc.
Central Retail Corporation, a member of Central Group : Assisting merchandising by giving advice on selection of suitable high-end products that matches local-oriented consumer needs based on their expertise in retail.
Providing trust and know-how that has been built up as the largest retail company in Thailand for more than 65 years.

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