Sep. 20, 2018
Sumitomo Corporation

Adoption of the “Declaration of Iki-iki Waku-waku Health and Productivity Management”

Sumitomo Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masayuki Hyodo) has adopted the “Declaration of Iki-iki Waku-waku Health and Productivity Management” for the Sumitomo Corporation Group, based on the concept that a healthy mind and body are essential for each employee to perform at his or her highest level and are the foundation for the continuous creation of new value. In line with the “Declaration of Iki-iki Waku-waku Health and Productivity Management,” the Sumitomo Corporation Group will engage in various initiatives according to current conditions at each group company.

Declaration of Iki-iki Waku-waku Health and Productivity Management

The Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to be a company in which all employees work with energy (Iki-iki), excitement (Waku-waku), and in good health, taking on challenges to create new value.

Our Group’s Corporate Mission is: “To achieve prosperity and realize dreams through sound business activities.” In order to fulfill this mission, it is necessary for all employees to perform at their highest level and to continue to create new value. To this end, it is crucial that each employee maintain good health.

As a human resources strategy, the Sumitomo Corporation Group will engage in “health and productivity management” that allows employees to work with energy, excitement, and good health, and creates value by further enhancing existing measures for maintaining and promoting employee health.

We will consider, implement, verify, and improve viable measures by establishing a foundation for health promotion that can be shared throughout the Sumitomo Corporation Group in accordance with the current circumstances at each group company.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group believes that its most important management resource is the health of its employees, who work in challenging global business environments characterized by complexity and rapid change, and declares its intention to strategically implement measures to maintain and promote the health of its employees in mind and body.

In addition, Sumitomo Corporation has set three main pillars for health and productivity management: “Improvement of health literacy,” which will enable employees to continue to work energetically, “Reassurance in emergencies,” which provides reassurance that employees will be taken care of when they fall ill, and “Global medical support,” which is unique to trading companies. With these three pillars, Sumitomo Corporation will further promote health and productivity management in accordance with the aforementioned Declaration. In the future, existing resources including our in-house health clinic and counseling center will be fully utilized, while collaborations with internal initiatives such as those in the area of healthcare will be actively considered and developed.


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■Sumitomo Corporation’s Material Issues Sumitomo Corporation Group positions “Six Material Issues to Achieve Sustainable Growth with Society” as an important factor in developing business strategies and in the decision-making process for individual businesses. Going forward, we will pursue sustainable growth by resolving these issues through our business activities. This project especially contributes to “Developing Human Resources and Promoting Diversity”.

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