Oct. 11, 2018
Sumitomo Corporation
Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation
Syudensya Co., Ltd.

Free lending of small hydrogen fuel cells in earthquake-hit areas

Sumitomo Corporation (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Hyodo), Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Koda; hereinafter, “SMT”), and Syudensya Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nobeoka, Miyazaki; President and Chief Executive Officer: Naoyuki Ichinose; hereinafter, “Syudensya”) have jointly lent, free of charge, ten small hydrogen fuel cells manufactured by Syudensya, as part of their support for the reconstruction from the Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake (hereinafter, “this support”).

This support was realized through an offer made to the city of Eniwa in Hokkaido via the town of Misato in Miyazaki (where Syudensya plants are located) for the emergency lending of small hydrogen fuel cells, which was accepted by Eniwa. As the evacuation center in Eniwa was later dissolved, Eniwa approached neighboring municipalities for a sublet, which resulted in the free lending to the town of Atsuma.

The small hydrogen fuel cells were placed in three evacuation centers and one volunteer center in Atsuma to be used mainly for charging small electronic devices including mobile phones. Additionally, 50 hydrogen cartridges were provided for free.

Small hydrogen fuel cells manufactured by Syudensya generate power using the chemical reaction between oxygen and low-pressure hydrogen, the latter of which is produced by dripping water into the cartridge containing calcium hydride, and can produce a rated output of 30 watts. Power can be supplied without being affected by the weather. The water to be dripped does not need to be purified or filtered, and seawater or muddy water can be used. They are easy to operate, even for the elderly. As they do not involve combustion, exhaust gas, or carbon monoxide and are almost noiseless they can be used indoors, including in evacuation centers. With two cartridges, over 100 smartphones can be charged consecutively.

In 2017, Sumitomo Corporation signed a partnership agreement with the town of Misato and Syudensya to realize a low-carbon society. In May 2018, sales of small hydrogen fuel cells began via SMT. They have been introduced mainly as disaster prevention supplies for municipalities. By promoting their installation as disaster response equipment, we will continue to contribute to reduced damage in disaster situations.


■Product information

Product name:Hydrogen-generating portable fuel cell system, AF-EFE Series

Product specifications

External output : 30W (Maximum of 100W, when secondary battery is used)
Output voltage : DC24V (100V/USB5V)
Output power : 600Whr x 2 units that can be mounted
Outer dimensions : W250×D361×H300(㎜)
Main body weight : Approx. 8 kg
Fuel weight : 0.8 kg (per unit)
Fuel type : Calcium hydride
Water tank : 1 (L) *Clean water, mineral water, muddy water, or seawater can be used
-Low noise level, no gas emissions (Usable indoors)



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